Can't something be done for Glenda's?

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Editor, The News:

Why can’t we have both?
To the powers that be, in regards to the expansion of Highway 319 and the destruction of Glenda’s Country Store; it is my intention to convince you with this short note that Glenda’s Country Store is a much loved, integral part of the lives of many hundreds of residents who benefit substantially from its existence.
Having lived in the same home for 27 years in the undeveloped northern tip of Wakulla County, I have come to appreciate how rare and special it is to have access to a family run, country store like Glenda’s.
In a world of generic and impersonal chain convenience stores, Glenda’s is an oasis under the shade of large oaks on a lonely stretch of Hwy 319; surrounded and visited daily by many loyal customers.
Much like the famed Bradley’s Country Store East of Tallahassee, Glenda’s caters to an underserved population. Many who reside in this area live on fixed incomes below the poverty line. For them, Glenda’s is the most accessible venue for commodities like kerosene, milk and eggs.
For everyone, Glenda’s has good clean gas and marine gas for boats and lawnmowers. It is a safe place to bring kids in for candy and cokes. They boil peanuts and carry live bait as well.
The store has character and is a meeting place where old timers often meet to drink coffee and catch up.
It is my understanding that the owner, Marvin, would like to rebuild Glenda’s in a way that would preserve its “country store” character.
Without Glenda’s Country Store, our small community takes a large hit in the name of highway improvement.
Numerous products that Glenda’s provides are many miles away without Glenda’s.
In summary, we, hundreds of loyal, small town loving residents ask that Marvin be given only what it takes to replace what he offers now.
The state is taking not just Marvin’s building and land, but an important slice of daily life for us.
We can all see the benefit of preserving a canopied road in spite of the increased cost of doing so. Let us not see Wal-Mart, McDonalds and a 7-11 on every corner of the earth. These entities only sell. They do not contribute to the character of a community.
Character is what makes a community rich and unique.
The state is taking away a man’s business and land. I ask you now, to do what is right to the best of your ability, and help this man, who the state will harm.
Help him rebuild Glenda’s Country Store by awarding him the full replacement value of Glenda’s. Do what is right and fair to him and to all of us, the citizens that patronize and appreciate what Glenda’s brings to our small town lives. The road and store can both be!                   
Thank you,  

Rob Nutting
Wakulla County resident and Glenda’s patron