FWC Law Enforcement Report- September 7th

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From FWC News

This report represents some events the FWC handled over the week of Aug. 18-24. (There were no cases reported in Wakulla County.)
ESCAMBIA COUNTY: Officer Manning responded to a call to assist the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office. An individual who was arrested for child endangerment also had an alligator in his possession. The individual had constructed a special room in his home for the alligator to live. Officer Manning seized the alligator and charged the subject with three criminal violations.
JACKSON COUNTY: Officers were checking alligator hunters on Lake Seminole. They conducted surveillance on a hunter who was actively hunting and during a resource inspection, they found an alligator that had not been tagged. Inspection of the hunter’s permit showed that he was hunting out of his assigned area. The officers noticed spent .22 caliber casings inside the hunter’s vessel. After an interview, the hunter admitted to killing the alligator with a pistol. The hunter was subsequently charged with taking alligator outside of his permitted area, failure to attach CITES tag to an alligator and taking alligator by an illegal method.