Middle-school players chase a werewolf

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Special to the News
Did you ever wonder if werewolves could be real? That’s the premise of the Riversprings Middle School play, “The Boy Who Cried Werewolf,” written by Daniel Guyton and produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service of Denver, Colo.
Chris (James Browne) is convinced he saw a werewolf outside his bedroom window. Madison (Blythe Gouker) and Benny (Katherine Teller) believe him wholeheartedly while Jacqueline (Maddie Gouker) thinks he is just making excuses about why he did not do his homework.
Natalie Hawthorne (Natalie Whaley) -- well, she has no idea what is going on! Throw in Detective Karloff (Chris Parrish) working a missing-person case, Principal Lonnie Chaney (Heather Watson) trying to take care of her students (while crushing on the detective), and Natalie’s looney mother, Mrs. Hawthorne (Brooke Brannan), obsessed with canned hams and seeing veterans, and you have all the ingredients for a zany, full-moon adventure.
To top it all off, the kids think their literature teacher, Mr. Hemming (Mason Herron) might possibly be a werewolf!
Lights, sound and effects are expertly controlled by Scott Rossow and Emma Vaughn. The behind-the-scenes stage crew, Ryan Crawford, Hali Hubbard and Savannah Woellert keep the scenes changing while the players race for their lives from a cat-eating werewolf (Natalie Thomas).
Come join the fun, March 9, 7 p.m. at Riversprings Cafetorium. Adults are $2/Students $1.