• Experiencing the power of the resurrection


    What recurring sin or bad habit do you consistently fall into?
    What behavior is holding you down with shame, leaving you to wonder whether you’ll ever prevail over it?
    You’ve gotten to the point that you dare not even speak with God about it anymore, yet you desperately need – desperately want – His forgiveness and His help to overcome it.

  • Buckhorn News


    To some people, the subject of the resurrection of Jesus is a mystery.
    In fact, it is the cornerstone of the Christian faith and the hinge of human history.
    All of the teachings and actions of Jesus are validated by the resurrection. Kingdoms and empires have come and gone, world leaders have faded from memory, major events are mere footnotes – but the resurrection of Jesus propelled Christianity into the entire world, affecting human history to this very day.

  • Out to Pastor


    One thing I have learned throughout my life is sometimes speaking your mind only gets a piece of somebody else’s mind – and not the good piece.
    The old saying goes that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. However, I’m surprised the old dog doesn’t know the old tricks. What good is a new trick if you have not really mastered and learned from the old tricks?

  • Get to know your risen Savior


    It makes me shudder to think what it would be like if Jesus were an impersonal God.
    To serve a God Who didn’t want a relationship with us would make every day unimaginably lonely and difficult.
    And worse, how empty it would feel to pray to a god who graciously died for our sins, but remains dead to this day.
    Thankfully, every Easter Sunday, my heart sings because not only is Jesus alive, but He wants us to know Him.
    Yet, how often we take that for granted.

  • Wakulla mission visits Nicaragua

    On Dec. 3, 2016 Crawfordville First Baptist Church partnered with St. Marks Baptist Church sending a mission team of 15 people to work alongside the On Eagles Wings Ministry in Leon Nicaragua.
    The Mission team consisted of both first time goers and experienced missionaries. The youngest being Christeney Byrd of St. Marks, who happened to turn 15 during the trip, to the eldest being Mrs. Evelyn Stills of First Baptist.

  • Where does the time go?


    I remember my grandfather telling me that the older you get the faster time flies. Laughing at him at the time I thought it was another of his little stories he loved telling.
    Just the other day I caught myself telling one of my grandchildren, “The older you get the faster time flies.” Then it occurred to me. I am my grandfather. I am not sure how I got here, but here I am.

  • The real reason to have a quiet time


    It may have been my favorite Valentine’s Day. Not because Bert bought me red tulips and a box of candy that year, but because of the hugs he gave me.
    His hugs were extra special – lingering hugs – as if he weren’t in a hurry to let me go. It was clear Bert enjoyed being with me. Since then, we often plan times to spend together, away from distractions and outside demands, making more favorite days.

  • I’ll do it first thing tomorrow


    You would think being a husband as long as I have been I would have learned the fine art of negotiating with my wife. And trust me, it is an artistic creation.
    When I got married, somebody told me that marriage was a 50-50 proposition, which being the naïve young man that I was, I believed it entirely.

  • Does God feel far, far away?


    The rain pounded my windshield. Suddenly, my car hydroplaned and skidded off the road into the swelling pond. I was terrified as my car filled up with water.
    I couldn’t get the windows down so I pounded on the glass, but to no avail. The water quickly covered my mouth, then my nose. I desperately needed air. Just a few minutes ago, I took air for granted; now it was all I could think about. Indeed, it was vital that I get some air – quickly.

  • The strange myth of multi-tasking


    I have been pondering a delicate question this week. Why is it I can only do one thing at a time? If only I could do several things at a time, I could get more accomplished.
    The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage is an expert when it comes to multitasking. Although I have lived with her for more than 45 years, I still do not know how she does it.
    Not me, that is for sure!