• Our world needs our prayers


    With the increasing violence happening around the world (which seems to have escalated recently), I’m asking everyone to pray for our world. In so doing, it may help to take some of the focus off our own fears.
    Remember, God is still in control and none of this is a surprise to Him.
    Will you join me in praying? Then share your prayers on Twitter, Facebook, email, other websites, including www.MemorizingScriptureBlog.com (No limit policy!).

  • Lots of turkey, not enough gravy


    This time of the year, my thoughts drift back to memories of my maternal grandmother.
    To me, my grandmother reigned as queen of the kitchen and functioned as the World’s Greatest Cook.
    To be honest, my grandmother did not do everything. My grandfather made a major contribution to the Thanksgiving preparation. In fact, he had the most important part — he stayed out of grandmother’s kitchen.

  • Is this a happy Thanksgiving for you?


    Depending on your circumstances, this may be a sad Thanksgiving for you.
    Years ago, I suffered with chronic depression (resulting in multiple hospitalizations); therefore, I understand some of what you’re experiencing. Yet, I can’t know everything you’re going though because I’m not you.
    But having come out of the darkness and hopelessness that depression brings, I want to share a few thoughts.

  • New diet, all I lost was patience


    I lost quite a few things in life, but weight has not been one of them.
    I see these commercials on TV where people lost tons of weight and invite me to join their program. Investigating some of the programs I discovered all you really lose is money every month.
    I never took losing weight very serious. I figure one man’s pound is another man’s jiggle and we sure do not have enough jiggle in this world.

  • A letter of Thanksgiving


    Thank you, Father, for this minute.
    By the time I’m finished writing this thank you letter, many more minutes will have passed. Each minute that ticks by reflects your patience, your sovereignty and your work in my life.
    I will never know (unless you choose to reveal to me when I meet you face-to-face) what tragedies you withheld for my sake in the minutes I’ve already lived.
    Likewise, I have no idea what the next minute will hold.

  • A revelation on priorities

    Great insight often is found in flickers of revelation.  On Saturday I lost a piece of jewelry that held both monetary and sentimental value.  I frantically searched over and over every crevice, pocket, drawer where it might be while knowing in my heart that it was fruitless.
    On Sunday, I sat in church and realized that it had been a long time since I had put the same relentless search into my relationship with God.
    Sometimes it takes a loss to understand the priority.

    Cynthia Webster

  • Funny faces of the season


    I do not often get under the weather; after all, as tall as I am my head is usually in the clouds. At least, the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage thinks this is the case. And who is to argue with her. But this time I was under the weather.
    My head was stuffed and every other breath I took I had a sneezing fit. I felt miserable. I looked miserable. I know this because my wife said, “You look miserable.” And I was miserable.

  • Getting older, with a purpose


    I need a younger look, Chuck. Someone thought I was five years older than I am.” I laughed when I said this, but I certainly wasn’t laughing on the inside.
    The owner of True Blondes assured me he would fix the problem. A shorter haircut later, almost like a miracle, a younger looking me got up from the chair. At least, my husband, Bert, said I looked younger. (He wouldn’t lie, would he?)

  • Cowboy Country Church to celebrate Homecoming

    Cowboy Country Church invites you to join us as we celebrate Homecoming on Nov. 5.
    We are pleased to present the wonderful gospel music and ministry of Fortress.

  • Worse and worster of times


    Whenever anybody says things can’t get any worse, they usually do.
    This is where I have a wee bit of a conflict with the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage. She is always looking on the bright side of things. Sometimes her cheery disposition is a little more than I can handle.
    “There’s a little bit of good in everything, you just have to look for it.”
    For me, experience has taught that too often the look isn’t worth the find.