• Church Briefs

    • Revival set at Charlotte Faith beginning May 1

    A healing, deliverance and mIracle revival will be held at Charlotte Faith and Deliverance Temple, Thursday, May 1,  to Saturday, May 3, beginning at 7:30 p.m. nightly.
    Bishop Alice Williams with prophet Michael Turner will be preaching.
    Charlotte Faith is located at 150 Brown Donaldson Road in Crawfordville. Call (850) 926-7322 for more information.

    • Medart Assembly hosts Trading Closet ministry

  • The importance of obituaries


    Occasionally, I work with a family wishing to forgo the printing of the death announcement, a.k.a. obituary,  in the newspaper.
    Before becoming a funeral practitioner, I thought, as these families sometimes do, that obituaries were unnecessary and a bit obsolete, especially if the decedent’s circles of friends and family were small.

  • I’m on a roll so don’t rock my boat


    Have you ever had one of those weeks where everything went exactly as planned? Well, neither have I, except for last week. I do not know what was going on last week, all I know is everything went according to plan. My plan, that is. I was on a roll.
    In a sense, that worries me. I am not accustomed to having my week work out according to my plans. Normally, if I can get 50 percent of my plans accomplished in a week, I am doing pretty good.
    In contrast, the week before it was horrendous.

  • Church Briefs

    • Banquet set to honor Ethel Skipper

    Tallahassee Church of Christ Written in Heaven’s District’s Pre-Meeting Banquet honoring Presiding Elder Dr. Edward Brigham and District Mother Ethel Skipper will be held Saturday, April 26 at 7 p.m. at the Wakulla County Shriners Club.
    The theme for the event is “Keep the Fire Burning” from  Leviticus 6:12-13.
    The Shriners Club is located at 4141 Crawfordville Hwy. south of Crawfordville.
    For more information, contact Elder Alfred Nelson at (850) 264-6621.

  • Homecoming revival set at Christian Worship Center

    Special to The News

    The Christian Worship Center will host a homecoming revival on Sunday, April 27, at 11 a.m. featuring the Drummond Family. Dinner will served after the morning services.
    The revival will continue Monday, April 28, through Wednesday, April 30, at 7 p.m. nightly.
    The Christian Worship Center is located at 3922 Coastal Highway, in Crawfordville.
    Everyone is invited.

  • A pedicure cured all my pet peeves


    Since I was a young person, I always had some pets around. Most of these have been dogs, hunting dogs in particular.
    In getting older, I discovered that having a pet dog around is a lot of work. So I have exchanged these pet dogs for a few pet peeves.
    One pet peeve of mine is when a waitress calls me “Sweetie.” What bothers me is the people who know me really do not call me “Sweetie.” There may be something to that.

  • Easter services

    • Seafarer’s Chapel at Shell Point

    Everyone is invited to the 32nd annual Easter Sunrise Service  which will be held at Seafarers Chapel at 7 a.m. The chapel is located in the Coast Guard Auxiliary building at Shell Point.
    Retired Air Force Chaplain Frank D. Metcalf  will conduct the service.  The message will be given by Rev. Eric T. Davis.
    Coffee and donuts will be served following the service.

    • Community-wide service at St. Marks

  • Experience the living Lord


    What is your experience with the risen Christ? John 20:11. But Mary stood without at the sepulchre weeping and as she wept she stooped down and looked into the sepulchre.
    Imagine you were one of the disciples who witnessed Jesus’ time on earth. You spent several years following him around Galilee and Judea, and you believe his every word.
    The risen Lord showed tender concern for his friends because of the pain they had endured.
    Mary was grief stricken. Jesus showed himself alive to her and her grief turned to joy.

  • Where have all the men in white hats gone?


    When I was growing up you could always tell who the good men were by the white hats they wore. Bad men always wore black hats. That made it rather convenient for those of us who were watching so we knew who would be winning at the end.
    When you were in trouble all you had to do was look for someone wearing a white hat.

  • Benefit account opened for Pastor Jeff McFalls of Medart

    Pastor Jeff McFalls has served in Wakulla County as the Pastor at Medart Assembly of God for over 14 years and has touched the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of people.
    Doctors have indicated he has limited time in his battle with lung cancer.
    Love Gifts may be sent for him, his wife Libby, and their three children Zac, Doran, and Abbi to the McFalls Fund at Capital City Bank, 2592 Crawfordville Hwy., Crawfordville FL 32327.  
    For more information, contact the Rev. Betsy Goehrig at drbetsyblessings@gmail.com or 850-933-8012.