• Cell phones in heaven?


    Last Tuesday started out like any other day except for one thing. I overslept.
    Isn’t it strange that when you have a full schedule you oversleep? Normally, I am up at the crack of dawn.
    In a strange way, I pride myself with being able to get up early in the morning. At my age, I do not need that much sleep anymore and so it is my motto, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

  • Let Lent bring you closer to God


    This can be your favorite Easter yet. It could even be your favorite holiday ever.
    Today, you can start doing something that can change the way you feel about Easter, while also helping you re-orient your life to one with a clearer focus, and noticeable peace and joy.
    Before I tell you how, let me review a little of my backstory:
    Years ago, anorexia nervosa totally consumed me – my only thought was how to lose another pound. It cost me everything, including my family, one job after another, my health and my sanity.

  • No money in these pockets


    An incident happened this past week in which I am still scratching my head. Have you ever known you had something, but for the life of you, you could not find it? I will accede to the fact that occasionally, I do have a streak of absent-mindedness running through me.  

  • Today can be different


    Do you go to bed at night, heavy with regret from the day? Maybe you’re sorry you yelled at your child  – again – for something as simple as just being a kid.

  • Christ gives hope


    There are times when you feel all alone, and that all hope is gone, and that is where your faith plugs in.
    The world has so much to offer and sometimes we don’t know where to start from.
    For the believer, Christ wants to give us hope. He wants us as believers to learn to walk with him by faith everyday. Faith leads us beyond our problems to the hope we have in Jesus Christ. Our hope does not rest in the things of this world. This world today hungers and thirsts for hope. It is beyond their sight.

  • Now I lay me down to sleep


    All my life, sleep has been a most trusted companion. It does not matter where I am or what I am doing, I can sleep at the drop of a hat.
    For years, I have heard of people who had problems sleeping at night. I can sit down in a chair and in a few winks, the snoring machine begins.
    I can never understand people who could not sleep. I always thought they were kind of joking about the whole scenario.
    Then it happened to me this week.

  • For Valentine’s: Will you be my candidate?


    In honor of Valentine’s Day: Will you be my political candidate?
    (I wrote this lighthearted article targeting male candidates who are running for office; however, I would want the same traits for female candidates.)
    If you want me to be head over heels for you, I think you should know that I’m very attracted to strength, good judgment and humility.

  • No cure for happy-itis


    Now that the pressure of the Old Year is off and the New Year has just begun, I can chill out a little and rest for a while.
    Towards the end of the Old Year, there is a lot of pressure to get caught up on all of those stupid New Year’s resolutions I made for the year. Every year I am pressured into making some silly New Year’s resolution. I would think that after a while this would get old.
    For some people, this is simply a way of life and addressing the New Year.

  • Fact: God sets us free from sin


    It’s a fact: I have been set free from sin’s dominion. Sin is powerless to control me.
    Yet, why doesn’t my life reflect that fact?
    I thank God for sending His own Son to die for me so that I can be free from Satan’s control.
    “Because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death” (Romans 8:2 NIV 1984).

  • New year means new mirror


    The New Year festivities have died down quite a bit and everything seems calm in our blissful domicile. The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage is back to her routine of organizing and straightening everything up. Her motto is: “A place for everything and everything in its place.”
    She is quite faithful in her New Year’s resolutions. For years, she has tried to get me involved in New Year’s resolutions and I only halfheartedly get involved. It does not seem to work for me though.