• Bereavement column Dec.07, 2017: It’s the most wonderful time of the year


    “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” what a great song.

  • Bereavement column Nov.30, 2017: Angel Shots


    Although my husband and I have chosen new professions, persons often call upon us from our past, to photograph their families, and paint their portraits. Because we have retired from the world of luxury portraiture, we usually refer these clients to our daughter.
    We retired from luxury portraiture 10 years ago and moved to an obscure little village in East Texas, where we have settled into our retirement business, funeral service. One wonders how our past clients locate us.

  • Bereavement colunm Nov. 23 2017: Distractors and maskers


    Following the loss of one’s child, the worst death experience, in my opinion, would be multiple or stacked deaths. I have assisted families who have lost as many as six members in quick succession. A situation where multiple family members die all at once or close together is usually unexpected and very difficult to accept.

  • Congratulations to the Wakulla War Eagles


    This was not supposed to be a great year for the Wakulla War Eagles football team.
    This was supposed to be a rebuilding year.
    This was a young team with a handful of seniors and a bunch of young sophomores at skill positions – like quarterback Jaylon Worsham, a sophomore who had never played quarterback before.
    Head Coach Scott Klees could see the talent and the potential and Worsham agreed to take a chance at the position.

  • Bereavement Column: Superhero incognito


  • Seniors have many needs

    By R.H. CARTER

    Our senior population is growing. In today’s environment their needs are increasing as well.
    Recently, as Hurricane Irma approached, we transported more seniors to the “Special Needs” shelter in Tallahassee than we have ever transported to that shelter and the local evacuation shelter combined. A new requirement gave us the responsibility to verify that there was access and utilities for each senior’s residence before we could return them to their home.

  • My ‘To do’ list


    Wow, it is the first week of November and already, I feel the pressures of holiday preparation. The holiday season is a lot of work and I cannot imagine not having my husband beside me, helping me with all of the details and stresses that go into this time of year. Party planning, festive clothing, and holiday hair are already topping my list of things I must do this week. I have added a new category to my list this year; it is service.

  • Microchips save lives


    We picked up a sweet bulldog this week at Azalea Park.
    She was just an ordinary, tan bulldog mix with no collar or tags. We were elated to find she had a microchip! A chip is about the size of a grain of rice that is implanted with a needle under the skin on the back of the neck. It can’t be felt or seen but it can be picked up by a scanner, which most vets and shelters keep on hand. The chip has a unique number, so we call the chip manufacturer to see who the chip number is registered to in their data base.

  • BUCKHORN NEWS:Compassion for those in need


    We are to walk as Christ walked. His example for the outcast is an example for us to follow.
    In the scripture (Luke 5-12) “And it came to pass, when Jesus was in a certain city, a man full of leprosy, seeing Jesus, fell on his face and besought him saying, Lord if thou wilt please make me clean. And he put forth his hand and immediately the leprosy departed from the man.”
    If we obey the words of the Lord, keep His commandments, walk in the ways He has prepared for us, He will have compassion for us.

  • Newspapers in Education needs support


    I don’t recall ever having made a plea for money from readers, but our Nespapers in Education (NIE) is a worthwhile program that needs help.
    NIE  is a non-profit organization that provides newspaper access to the students at NO cost to the schools.
    It’s a program that encourages teachers to use newspapers as a teaching tool - to help students learn about their community and their world.