• The history not taught in books


    Downtown Montgomery is beautiful. At least what I saw of it my first time there.
    Last week, on the first day of Black History month, I got the opportunity to travel with Wakulla High School as they went to Alabama and Tennessee on a civil rights tour.
    My first thought when I stepped off the bus was, “Wow, it’s amazing how a beatiful place can have such an ugly past.”

  • BUCKHORN NEWS Feb. 8, 2018:Family spiritual health


    Many people understand the need for strong families, but how to achieve family spiritual health remains a challenge – especially in an increasingly secular society.
    There is no lack of discussion on the subject of family, but views are quite diverse. Many outside the church seek to redefine marriage, impacting the question of what constitutes a family.
    As a result, the Christian family faces tremendous pressure to stay true to God’s word. Scripture should be the central reource for the family.

  • Greater Tallahassee area depends on college system


    Florida’s colleges are indispensable when it comes to directly feeding the workforce of a community.
    Their willingness to be nimble, working with businesses and industries of all types, is what makes them so unique in their ability to respond to the needs surrounding them.

  • Bereavement colunm: Fountain of Youth found

    Feb. 22, 2018

  • Tally Shorts festival is committed to short films


    Big things come in small packages.
     That was the motto of the 6th annual Tally Shorts Film Festival this past weekend at the Challenger Learning Center.
    The event, which was sponsored by several local businesses including The Wakulla News and supported by volunteers, opened on Friday evening with an educational panel discussion on the importance of the short film to filmmaking and filmmakers. Immediately following the discussion were the opening night films, a collection of films chosen to represent each genre.

  • BUCKHORN NEWS Jan. 25, 2018: Happy New Year!


    Last year is gone and all the thoughts of it – some good and some not so good.
    We are so grateful to still be here in the new year. It is going fast, almost a month has passed.

    The family of Mother Rosetta Sanders would like to thank everyone for being a part of the glorious celebration of her 100th birthday. The family thanks everyone.
    Happy birthday greetins to Mother Vera Gavin, who had a blessed birthday celebration with her family and friends.

  • Bereavement column Jan. 25, 2018: The bride victorious


    My husband and I entered the tiny quaint chapel and found a seat. It was the loveliest little chapel I believe I have ever seen.
    The interior was unfinished wood with impressive beams and through the beautiful windows, I could see the tall evergreens reaching toward the sky as the rain glistened on their needles.
    The evening was upon us and the organist began to play. As the bride entered the chapel, we rose.

  • Murder mystery at the Moose Club was fun

    Jan. 25, 2018

  • Erin Hill joins The News as reporter


    It’s funny how things work out. When I graduated from Florida A&M University in 2011, I thought with a degree, finding a job would be easy. I was wrong.
    After years of calling, and applying to daily and weekly papers it was by sheer coincidence, maybe even luck, I ended up at The Wakulla News.

  • Impact of Paige Killeen


    The heart of every organization, every club, and every team lies not in its bylaws or its policies but in its members –those people who are willing to give of themselves to make the group the “best it can be.”
    Last week The Wakulla Republican Women’s Club lost a special and dedicated member, Paige Fountain Killeen.