• Shade tree memories


    I ’ve spent my entire life living in Northwest Florida, attending various festivals each year.
    I’ve been to Springtime Tallahassee, the Pumpkin and Winter Festival in Havana, Seafood Festival in Apalachicola, and the Stone Crab Festival in St. Marks, just to name a few.

  • BEREAVEMENT COLUMN April 19, 2018: The cruelty of others


    I like to think most people are decent people. In the event of a tragedy, I like to think that almost everyone, even those who ordinarily experience a deficit in decency, will step up to their better selves and lend a hand of compassion to those who suffer. I have often been told that I see the world, and humanity, through rose-colored glasses. This weekend has proven that statement true.

  • BEREAVEMENT COLUMN April 12, 2018: Grief during Easter


    My very first case as a licensed funeral director was my great uncle.
    His death was quite some time ago, but I remember it very well. I was sitting in church Easter Sunday and my cell phone rang. I stepped out into the foyer and answered the call. It was my dear cousin telling me that her father had just passed.
    Last week was Easter Sunday and as I sat listening to the speaker, I thought the experience of losing my great uncle.
    I also thought about my cousins. They were so sad to lose their father.

  • Bereavement colunm: March 29, 2018- Loss of a child


    Last night I was talking to my daughter on the phone. She and her sweet little family had just returned to Hawaii, their home, after being on the mainland for 20 days.
    Today, my son-in-law returns to work. Today marks the one-month anniversary that they posted their reveal for their soon-to-arrive bundle of joy, on social media.

  • Be a leader for 4-H

    As a child, I spent part of my idyllic life on a strawberry farm in Michigan. Part of this experience was participating in 4-H, learning how to sew with nine other 10 year old girls.
    Once a week, my mother taught us the laying out, pinning and cutting of patterns, setting a bobbin and threading a sewing machine needle, we sewed actual garments from mere thread and fabric. I remember being amazed at how little held my clothes together!

  • Grief support group formed

    Special to The News

    For those who have experienced the death of someone important to them, it can feel lonely and overwhelming.
    Grief is all encompassing, from every changing emotions to new roles and responsibilities, it can affect every aspect of life. Everyone’s path through grief is unique, but it is not a path anyone has to walk alone.

  • Photo contest deadline near


    The Wakulla News invites anyone, no matter the skill level, to join our wildlife photo contest. For $15, participants can submit three of their best photos ($5 per additional photo).
    The photos will need both digital and print copies, 8x10 inches or 8½x11inches, and send to The Wakulla News office.

  • Bereavement colunm: Fountain of Youth found

    Feb. 22, 2018

  • Greater Tallahassee area depends on college system


    Florida’s colleges are indispensable when it comes to directly feeding the workforce of a community.
    Their willingness to be nimble, working with businesses and industries of all types, is what makes them so unique in their ability to respond to the needs surrounding them.

  • BUCKHORN NEWS Feb. 8, 2018:Family spiritual health


    Many people understand the need for strong families, but how to achieve family spiritual health remains a challenge – especially in an increasingly secular society.
    There is no lack of discussion on the subject of family, but views are quite diverse. Many outside the church seek to redefine marriage, impacting the question of what constitutes a family.
    As a result, the Christian family faces tremendous pressure to stay true to God’s word. Scripture should be the central reource for the family.