• Buckhorn News: Our relationship with God


    We have a relationship with God.
    Everyone needs relationships – they add stability, joy and purpose to our lives.
    Not surprisingly, God created us to have a relationship with Him – a reality that comes into greater focus through our study of His Word.
    God created humanity with the need for relationships. In the book of Genesis before the fall, God said it was not good for man to be alone (Gen. 2-18). We need relationships.
    In light of that reality we need a relationship with God more than any other.

  • Keep your food safe in emergency

    By SAMANTHA KENNEDY Wakulla Extension Service

  • Newspapers in Education needs support


    I don’t recall ever having made a plea for money from readers, but our Nespapers in Education (NIE) is a worthwhile program that needs help.
    NIE  is a non-profit organization that provides newspaper access to the students at NO cost to the schools.
    It’s a program that encourages teachers to use newspapers as a teaching tool - to help students learn about their community and their world.

  • BUCKHORN NEWS:Compassion for those in need


    We are to walk as Christ walked. His example for the outcast is an example for us to follow.
    In the scripture (Luke 5-12) “And it came to pass, when Jesus was in a certain city, a man full of leprosy, seeing Jesus, fell on his face and besought him saying, Lord if thou wilt please make me clean. And he put forth his hand and immediately the leprosy departed from the man.”
    If we obey the words of the Lord, keep His commandments, walk in the ways He has prepared for us, He will have compassion for us.

  • We lived as nomads


  • Hustle and bustle


    Hustle and bustle during the holiday season are expected, however, when a loved one is ill and nearing death, hustle and bustle are not at all welcome. The confusion of loss makes life difficult enough without having to summon up extra energy for added tasks and concerns. To this end, it is important that one consider pre-planning, to the degree possible, prior to their loved one’s death.

  • Meet Wakulla senior citizen Margaret Ntiti

    By R.H. CARTER

    I thought this article should have another headline. First I considered naming it after a movie. The first movie that came to mind was “Out of Africa.”
    Then I thought of another movie, “Coming to America.”
    Both names seemed appropriate.
    The Wakulla Senior Center regularly entertains visitors from across this nation.

  • Grief recovery is a two-edged sword


    My mother has been in a hospital and/or nursing home now for a full month. Somehow, these past thirty days seem nearer to ninety, if not more. My days have become lead filled boots strapped to my feet as I trudge through my daily responsibilities. No matter how hard I push myself, it seems that it is never enough. My mother’s needs are extensive, and of course, I want her to have all that is necessary and available, in order that we might reap a positive outcome, once her health is restored.

  • Music therapists improve lives


    Every day, I see the power of music therapy to improve lives for patients and their families through Big Bend Hospice. I witness patients in pain fall asleep and rest peacefully by the end of their music therapy visit. I see patients with dementia, who can’t recognize their surroundings, sing along with songs and smile at their loved ones. I watch as the breathing of patients with respiratory diseases is eased; often these patients are able to calm and rest more easily after their music therapy visit.

  • Fears for my mother


    Today is a stressful day for me. My mother had surgery this morning. She is not doing quite as well as we had hoped.
    She remains on a ventilator, as she is unable to breathe for herself. I set my alarm clock for an early morning and drove to the city where her surgery was taking place.