• Board is wasting money with boat ramp

    Editor, The News:

    Just as the old adage confirms, “you can’t fight city hall”....... headlines, “boat ramp planned”....
    Our Board of County Commissioners has ordered a ramp be designed for public access to Lake Ellen....another old adage says “don’t put the cart before the horse”.....but what the heck, it’s taxpayers money.....who cares....

  • FSU seeks seniors for study

    Florida State University scientists are seeking volunteers in Wakulla County and Franklin County to help their study into whether computer tablets can ease loneliness and social isolation for aging adults who live alone.
    Volunteers accepted into the study will be taught how to use computer tablets that have software the scientists designed to make the tablets easy to use by older individuals.

  • America is exploited by ‘doublethink’

    Editor, The News:

    I figured the founding fathers were learned men of the Enlightenment who deemed that government required educated citizens. But with the emergence of modern democracy in America, I figured this fostered a populist attitude perceiving education as little more than elitism, such as in the words of Isaac Asimov, “a cult of ignorance,” which has promoted the false notion that democracy means my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.

  • Is Obamacare truly failing?

    Editor, The News:

    Many of my Democratic friends (yes, I have some) believe Obamacare is alive and well. In fact, they blame the perceived terminal ills of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on Republican “wishful thinking and fake news”. Both parties ignore the fact that health care is NOT a federal responsibility and should be left up to the free market—but I dream of the Federal Government following the Constitution.

  • Response to Lake Ellen pieces

    Editor, The News:

    I am baffled why The Wakulla News has printed a three-part opinion piece about Lake Ellen, all three by one person with the opinion that public access should be taken away.
    In the opinion piece “Safety a concern at Lake Ellen” it was said “No other lake or river in the county or surrounding counties permits or encourages swimming in lakes with alligators.” Really?

  • Forest service still hasn’t picked up trash

    Editor, The News:

    Hi, it’s me again – your 70-year-old disabled vet. The U.S. Forest Service has not picked up the trash pile reported to them – they just sit on their butts and get paid tax money.
    Here is a new twist – kill the messenger. A rumor was told to me by a county official that they are blaming me so now I’m a suspect for telling the truth about them.
    I did not do it. I’m seeking legal advice on this matter.

  • Village life on Apalachee Bay

    Editor, The News:

  • Lake Ellen is a private lake


    For the record, I own lots in Lake Ellen Estates as well as a lakefront home on Lake Ellen.
    Thus, I and my family have both a short and long term interest in seeing Lake Ellen Estates succeed as well as keeping Lake Ellen environmentally safe, while increasing the values of the homeowners’ properties who have chosen to live on Lake Ellen and in Lake Ellen Estates (also increasing our county’s tax rolls).

  • No public toilets at Lake Ellen


    Public toilets at Lake Ellen do not exist.
    If you have been on Lake Ellen and looked for a toilet or restroom, you probably did not find any so you had to be creative.
    And for more than 50 years now, the lakefront properties, including mine, have served as toilets for visitors to Lake Ellen.

  • The imperfect gift


    The days following her first eye surgery, my sweet little daughter, Trissa, suffered greatly from pain that no medicine could quite alleviate. My wife and I spent many hours holding her and comforting her.
    As she started to heal, she could sense her vision was improving. When it came time for the second surgery, even though she was only 4 years old, she bravely resigned herself to the fact that it was for her benefit. My wife and I had a harder time preparing ourselves for it than she did.