• Support of Kid Friendly Day appreciated

    Editor, The News:

    An open letter to Wakulla County:
    On behalf of Promise Land Ministries and the community we would like to thank the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office and Wakulla County Fire-Rescue for participating in the first annual Kid Friendly Day on Oct. 7. It was a true blessing for the kids to be able to interact with our emergency personnel and get to know them on a personal level.  

  • Celebrate Pearl Oliver’s 100th birthday

    Editor, The News:

    Please come and celebrate Pearl Oliver Vause’s 100th birthday with us on Sunday, Oct. 15 at Eden Springs at 2 p.m.. No gifts please. If you are unable to attend and would like to mail her a card:
    Pearl Vause
    P.O. Box 313
    Woodville FL 32362.

    Michelle Lawhon

  • Help me find my lost dog

    Editor, The News:

    Please help me, my littl dog disappeared from my home on Guinevere Lane in September. Her name is “Pretty,” she is a small Yorkie, 12 years old. I’ve had her since the day she was born.
    If anyone knows anything about her, please call. I’m very ill and need to see her.
    Mavis Cravey
    (850) 363-3622 or
    (765) 437-2672
    (317) 376-0134

  • In response to county’s RESTORE projects

    Editor, The News:

    BP’s oil spill caused massive damage to the health of Apalachee Bay and to its citizens. After the wetlands and waters were doused with the dispersant Corexit, crabs died, fish festered with sores, marine life vanished and people got sick. Now, on the heels of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, comes the money spill, a second tidal wave of millions of dollars which threatens to destroy our environment and our way of life.

  • Please, do something about this derelict boat

    Editor, The News:

    This abandoned boat has been on the beach at Shell Point since early summer.
     When will this piece of junk be removed from our beach?
    It is not only unsightly but also could prove to be a hazard in case of a serious storm.
    Please! FWC or WCSO...get it out of here!

     Kathleen Lamarche
    Shell Point

  • Enforce regulations on oyster farming

    Editor, The News:

  • Saying a prayer after Irma

    Editor, The News:

    Alligator Point Sea Turtle Patrol  patroller Bill Wargo with mascot Ridley giving a grateful word of thanks for being so lucky during Hurricane Irma and praying for those who were not so lucky. (Photo by Michele Polland)

    Bill Wargo
    Director APSTP

  • Thanks for photos of band, cheerleaders

    Editor, The News:

    I wanted to thank you for posting pictures of our WHS band and cheerleaders this year. It is a pleasure to see all our kids who are involved in school groups get some recognition.  
    We appreciate it very much.

    Sue Sullivan

  • Preserve southern heritage

    Editor, The News:

    It was refreshing to finally read something positive about my southern heritage (“Group wants to preserve southern heritage,” Opinion Page, Sept. 7).
    The letter concerning the southern pride group gave me some hope there are like-minded people out there.
    It’s hard for me to believe that people of the southern states have even entertained the thought of removing any of our historic artifacts, statues, etc., that represent the history of these very states.

  • Thanks to woman who bought my groceries

    Editor, The News:

    To the woman who paid for my groceries at Walmart on Saturday, Sept. 23:
    Thank You very much! All of my credit cards were declined, and I had already had my groceries checked out, so I was holding up the line.
    Although I did not ask, this person volunteered to pay with her card and did so. I am eternally grateful for this unsolicited act of kindness and generosity.
    My faith in humanity has been restored.
    Again, thank you very much.
    Jim Boileau