• Be aware of changes to election law

    Editor, The News:

  • Different kind of summer camp experience

    Editor, The News:

    In a few short weeks, all Wakulla County Schools will be celebrating the end of another great school year, students will be planning their summer and families will be looking for something to entertain their kids to keep them occupied and out of their hair.

  • Need safe place to dispose of needles

    Editor, The News:

    I’ve attempted to drop it off at my doctor’s office in Tallahassee and they couldn’t take it, Walmart where I purchased it didn’t want it and Wakulla County Health Department doesn’t have the funding to accept used needles. They will do a container exchange for a fee, which is higher then the price of the container from Walmart.

  • Letters of thanks

    1 Peter 1:22, love one another…Through our loss, God’s word was brought into action by loving friends and family. Thank each of you that visited Ellen and showed her love, for comforting a grieving family with visits, calls, loving hugs, kind words, cards, food and beautiful flowers. May God bless you all.
    With love and appreciation,
    We thank you.

    The family of
    Ellen Smith

  • Tickets to Healthy Start fundraiser

    Editor, The News:

    To our community!
    The Capital Coalition of Healthy Start are nearing the date of the big fundraiser event of May 18. It will take place from 6 p.m. at Goodwood. Special catered heavy hors d’oeuvres and music by Sally Mack are the highlights with a huge silent auction. There are a limited number of tickets and I have 10 tickets left. You may contact me, Wakulla’s representative to the Capital Coalition of Healthy Start Board of Directors, at (850) 766-6285.

  • No to allowing alcohol at county activities

    Editor, The News:

    Thank you to our Wakulla County Commissioners for meeting behind closed doors to allow alcohol sales at county activities. What a great testimony to a wonderful Christian community.
    I don’t see how supposedly Christian men could vote to have alcohol sales at our county festivals and outdoor functions. What a way to show our children that you can’t have fun without alcohol.
    I will pray that on our National Day of Prayer we will all pray for this to be reversed and we will stand strong for our Lord in this county.

  • Molly Jones is dedicated educator

    Editor, The News:

    I am truly honored to acknowledge one of my team members as April Teacher of the Month.
    Molly Jones is a third grade teacher who has been teaching for 18 years. She is married to Major Billy Jones and has two lovely children Justus and Presley who are students in Wakulla County. Mrs. Jones is a dedicated educator. I had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Jones last school year, when I became a new team member at Riversink Elementary School. Mrs. Jones welcomed me with open arms and has never hesitated to ask if I needed anything.

  • Stories of Sopchoppy Police on May 9

    Editor, The News:

    Historical Society President Debra Jay announced “Stories of the Sopchoppy Police Chief” as the program topic on Tuesday, May 9 at 7 p.m. in the Wakulla County Public Library featuring Claxton Vause.

  • More on the debate about PBS bias

    Editor, The News:

    Dear Mr. F.J. Young,
    We disagree with your statement that PBS and NPR news shows “primarily express left wing, liberal ideas and beliefs.”

  • Science doesn’t confuse truth, political beliefs

    Editor, The News:

    The Science March on April 22 was an interesting human exercise. Well-meaning activists want certain political results no matter the science.
    I found many signs very interesting. One of the many signs I saw decried the lack of genetic diversity in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). In fact, the March for Science website claims “The lack of inclusivity and diversity in STEM thwarts scientific advancements.”