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  • Coast Guard Auxiliary Reports: April 20th
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary Reports By Carolyn Brown Treadon: April 27th

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  • FWC Law Enforcement Report April 13th

    From FWC News

    This report represents some events the FWC handled through the end of March.
    WAKULLA COUNTY: Officer Boyd was working the area of Mashes Sands when he saw a vessel inbound with two occupants. After conducting boating safety and resource inspections, Officer Boyd located three red snapper in a cooler. A citation was issued for possession of red snapper during closed season.

  • Coast Guard Auxiliary Reports By Carolyn Brown Treadon

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    Today nine members of Flotilla 12 were certified in the Coast Guard’s Team Coordination Training or TCT.
    TCT is the USCG’s operational risk management program for its active duty, reserve and auxiliary force when they are operating on the water. Flotilla members learned how to identify, evaluate and mitigate risks.

  • Coast Guard Auxiliary Reports, week of April 6
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary Reports

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    Have you heard about the Auxiliary’s Recreational Boating Safety Partner Visitation Program?
    Probably not, but you most likely have you seen one of our information stations at a local marina, retail store, public building or other location.
    Those information stations are the core of the visitation program and the members who keep those racks filled with useful information on safe boating are called Program Visitors or PV for short.

  • Coast Guard Auxiliary Reports

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    Saturday, March 4, was a very eventful day for several members of Flotilla 12.
    For one group it meant getting up at 4 a.m. to be on the road to Destin by 5 a.m.
    Meeting another member along the way, we made our way to the Coast Guard Station in Destin for crew and coxswain qualifications.

  • Coast Guard Auxiliary Reports

    By Carolyn Brown Treadon
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    Instead of bright and sunny, the day started chilly and drizzly.  Member Mark Rosen was geared up and ready for his a ride-a-long with an officer of the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission.
    Mark stood waiting on the dock at Fort San Marcos in St. Marks, where his ride floated to dock side with Officer Charles Mallow at the helm.

  • Coast Guard Auxiliary Reports

    By Carolyn Brown Treadon
    This past weekend members Ron Eudy, Alexander Gulde, Phill Hill, and Duane Treadon attended the Division Winter meeting held at USCG Station Panama City.
    A Division is the next level up from a Flotilla and is designed to offer support and guidance to the Flotillas making up the Division. There are 5 Flotillas within our Division Apalachee Bay, Milton, Panama City Beach, Destin, and Pensacola.

  • Coast Guard Auxiliary Reports

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