• Wakulla Wildlife Festival

    The Wakulla Wildlife Festival was held on Saturday, April 15 at Wakulla Springs State Park. An estimated 1,500 people visited the event.
    Information focused on native wildlife, plants, and prehistoric lifestyle in Florida was conveyed though music, arts and crafts, boat tours. Activities such as Bird Banding, Nature Photography Boat Tour, Bird of Prey demonstration, Walking with Mastodons, Pollination Strategies, Why is the Water Dark?, and Talon Talk, to name few, were visited by park guests.

  • St. Marks wants to increase weekend speed patrols


    Speeding vehicles in St. Marks are causing a safety hazard, several people complained at the April 13 city commission meeting.
    “We’ve got to do something about the motorcycles,” said resident Billy Bishop. “On weekends they’re going in excess of 90 mph from the corner to the warehouse.”
    Cars and motorcycles can zoom into town so fast they sometimes rattle City Hall windows, observed City Manager Zoe Mansfield.

  • What carry gun should I buy?


    Many of the women who come to the WCSO (Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office) range originally came because they wanted to buy a carry gun. This pistol would have to be small enough to put in a purse and to use as a bedside or car gun. Since women of a particular age (mature) may have some arthritic or other aging challenges, the gun has to be easy enough to operate.
    We’re going to discuss some .380 and 9mm semi-automatics.
    Ease of operation means to a mature woman:
    • she can pull the slide back until it locks,

  • FWC News; 16.75-pound bass leads for TrophyCatch


    The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s TrophyCatch program announces its new Season 5 heaviest catch leader – Dominic Montalto with a 16-pound, 12-ounce largemouth bass caught in a private pond in Estero.
    This comes close to the current certified state record of a 17-pound, 4-ounce largemouth bass caught in Polk County in 1986. A team of FWC biologists verified the accuracy of Dominic’s scale, catch videos and photos.

  • Underwater Wakulla April 20th

    The Dive Boat

  • Natural Wakulla April 20th

    Sometimes appearances really do represent the situation at hand. It can be good, or it can be bad.
    With spring 2017 literally covering Wakulla County, the observer must be focused to identify the problems in the green onslaught. Unfortunately, if left too long the problems can be challenging to control.
    This seasonal uncloaking allows for early examination of the structure and configuration of what has been hidden for the past few months. The current exposure also reveals potentially painful hazards in the native landscape.

  • Home on the Range:The Sig P238 .380 and the 9mm Springfield XDS


  • FWC News; Amberjack closed April 22 in state waters


     At its April 20 meeting in Tallahassee, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission approved closing Gulf state waters to recreational harvest of greater amberjack for the remainder of 2017, starting April 22. This is consistent with the amberjack closure in Gulf federal waters that went into effect March 24, 2017. Both state and federal waters will reopen Jan. 1, 2018.

  • Underwater Wakulla April 27th: Risk management on and under water.

    By Gregg Stanton

  • Refuge to hold Family Fishing Day

    From St. Marks Refuge
    The St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge will be stocking Channel Catfish for a Family Fishing Day, to be held Saturday, May 6 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
    Each family needs to bring sunscreen, snackS, insect repellent, fishing gear, and water.
    Follow the signs down Lighthouse Road to the parking area. You’ll learn how to bait a hook, catch a fish, clean a fish, and cook a fish!