en ‘Facebook frenzy’ <img src="" alt="School Superintendent Bobby Pearce" title="School Superintendent Bobby Pearce" align="left" hspace="6" width="57" height="85" /><p> By WILLIAM SNOWDEN<br /><br /> <br /> On Monday, rumors of a student planning to bring a gun to Wakulla High School and shoot people began circulating&nbsp; on social media, especially on Facebook.<br /> Superintendent of Schools Bobby Pearce said that when the matter was reported to school administrators, law enforcement was notified.<br /> Students who had purportedly made the threats were contacted by deputies &ndash; along with the students&rsquo; parents.<br /> Green(e) families plan one big reunion <img src="" alt="Sarah Ann and Thomas Jefferson Reeves" title="Sarah Ann and Thomas Jefferson Reeves" align="left" hspace="6" width="106" height="85" /><p> SPECIAL TO THE NEWS<br /> <br /> Robert Hardin Green and family traveled down to the area now known as Wakulla County in 1830, less than a decade after the U.S. acquired Florida territory from Spain.<br /> It was a long and treacherous journey for the family.&nbsp;&nbsp; They traveled in a covered wagon from the Carolinas&nbsp; with six children.<br /> There were probably no more than three or four dozen families in this area at the time. The members of the Green family were truly Wakulla, and Florida, pioneers.<br /> TCC hosts Hops and Half Shells 5K run <img src="" alt="Runners in the 5K race." title="Runners in the 5K race." align="left" hspace="6" width="128" height="85" /><p> By LINDA ANN McDONALD<br /> News Correspondent<br /> <br /> Tallahassee Community College&rsquo;s Wakulla Environmental Institute hosted the Hops and Half Shells 5K Trail Run/Walk. Proceeds from the event benefit scholarships awarded to students at TCC. Last year&rsquo;s event raised approximately $5,000.<br /> A night to remember <img src="" alt="" title="" align="left" hspace="6" width="128" height="85" /><p> The Special Needs Prom was held Saturday, April 22 at Wakulla Springs Baptist Church. Dressed in dazzling gowns and other prom attire, students, friends and family had a marvelous time, dancing to music by a professional dj and enjoying delicious treats prepared by Catering by Judi. Many remarked on how amazing the decorations looked, transforming the room.</p> Young hero credited with saving stepmom <img src="" alt="Marissa Thornon with Sheriff Jared Miller." title="Marissa Thornon with Sheriff Jared Miller." align="left" hspace="6" width="79" height="85" /><p> By KRYSTAL SHEPPARD<br /><br /> <br /> Sheriff Jarred Miller presented 11-year-old Marissa Thornton of Sopchoppy with a commemorative plaque and enthusiastic praise in honor of her being a life-saving hero for her step-mother.<br /> Guilty of manslaughter <img src="" alt="Walt McCoy &quot;Coy&quot; Porter Sr." title="Walt McCoy &quot;Coy&quot; Porter Sr." align="left" hspace="6" width="68" height="85" /><p> After listening to testimony for four days last week, it took a 12-person jury only two hours to return a guilty verdict against Walt McCoy &ldquo;Coy&rdquo; Porter on Friday.<br /> Porter had been charged with first degree murder for the January 2016 shooting death of Michael Scott Lawrence. The jury found Porter guilty of the lesser included charge of manslaughter.<br /> Porter was also found guilty of two felony counts of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.<br /> WHS band director suspended for texts <p> Staff Report<br /> <br /> Wakulla High School band director Wayne Watson was suspended last week for investigation of inappropriate texts to students.<br /> Superintendent of Schools Bobby Pearce confirmed that Watson was suspended with pay, and said the matter had been turned over to the Wakulla County Sheriff&rsquo;s Office and the state Department of Children and Families for investigation.<br /> A parent reportedly became aware of some potentially inappropriate texts from Watson to a student and reported the matter to Wakulla Highchool principal Mike Barwick.<br /> Murder trial of Coy Porter is underway <img src="" alt="Walter McCoy &quot;Coy&quot; Porter, Sr." title="Walter McCoy &quot;Coy&quot; Porter, Sr." align="left" hspace="6" width="68" height="85" /><p> By WILLIAM SNOWDEN<br /><br /> The murder trial of Walt McCoy &ldquo;Coy&rdquo; Porter got underway this week.<br /> A 12-person jury plus two alternates was selected on Monday, and the trial began on Tuesday with opening statements from the prosecutor and defense.<br /> Porter is charged with first degree murder for the shooting of Michael Scott Lawrence in January 2016. Lawrence was a friend who was living in Porter&rsquo;s home temporarily.<br /> Porter has admitted shooting Lawrence, but says it was accidental.<br />