2019 Wakulla Wildlife Photography Contest

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The Wakulla News invites you to participate in a photography contest!


Attached at the bottom of the page are the official rules and contest entry form. Please print them and fill them out. If you would like to save on paper, feel free to drop by the news and pick up the entry form and rules sheet.

The winners and runners up photographs will be on display at the Wakulla Springs Car and Bike Show, April 6, 2019.

All entries must be RECEIVED by the The Wakulla News by: Thursday, March 22, 2019.
Judges will pick winners in the Best Wildlife Photo category.
Each photo submitted must have been taken in Wakulla County in the past year by the person who submits it for entry in the contest. There will be a $15 entry fee for up to 3 photos (There will be no entry fee for Young Nature Photographers 12 and under). Make checks payable to The Wakulla News. Judges will decide whether each entry is suited to the Wakulla Wildlife category. Judges’ decisions are final. Winners will be notified by mail or email.
FORMAT: Prints only. No frames please. All photos must be 8” x 10” or 8 1/2” x 11”. Prints may be mounted on 11” x 14” black or white foam board, or just matted, with the completed entry form attached to the back. Photos are also requested to be submitted and/or available in a digital format for slideshow display on thewakullanews.com. Digital photo entries may be emailed to advertising@thewakullanews.net.
Young Nature Photographers – The same categories will be set up for young photographers 12 years old and younger. Entrants will be divided into two groups, 3-7 years of age, and 8-12 years of age.
YOUTH FORMAT: Prints only. No frames please. All entries must be 4” x 6” or 5” x 7”. Prints may be mounted on 8 1/2” x 11” black or white poster board or card stock in lieu of the foam board with the completed entry form attached to the back.
To submit an entry into the contest, photographers must be 18 years of age or submit a release from a parent or guardian, and be a resident of Wakulla County.
Participants will be notified when to pick up their prints or you may wish to donate them to The Wakulla News. Donated prints may be published in The Wakulla News at the Editor’s discretion.
Mail entries to: The Wakulla News, Photo Contest, P. O. Box 307, Crawfordville, Florida 32326, or deliver photos to The Wakulla News office at 3119 Crawfordville Highway, Crawfordville, Florida.
Entrant’s signature (or Guardian’s signature) constitutes a release to The Wakulla News for the right to use, reproduce, publish, and/or display the photographs without further compensation. The original slide or negative may be requested. Scans of entries will be published in The Wakulla News. Winning and runners up photograph entries will be displayed at the 2019 Wakulla Springs Car and Bike show April 2, 2019.
PRIZES will be awarded as follows: Best of Show - $100 in Cash; 2nd Place - $25 in Cash; 3rd Place – A Gift Subscription to The Wakulla News. Prizes for youth entries will be awarded as follows: Best of Show - $25 in cash.
The Small Print: Void where prohibited. Contest is open to anyone who has taken photographs in Wakulla County, Florida. All federal, state, and local laws apply. Each entrant warrants the originality of each entry submitted by him/her and warrants that he/she owns all rights in each such entry. Submission of an entry form of photograph is evidence of entrant’s agreement with and acceptance of these rules and regulations. The Wakulla News is not responsible for lost or damaged entries.

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