Football Nov9 2017: Wakulla Superbowl IV is Saturday

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What do the Sopchoppy YellowJackets, Crawfordville Cougars, and Shadeville Warriors mean to you?
To some you could guess that they are similar to the teams that hit the Rec Park every Saturday. To others it could mean over 40 years of Wakulla Football. To know the latter, you would be correct. Those Friday Night Lights begin before the dew dries on the Saturday morning fields.
Over the past 40 years the love of football brought forth many outstanding athletes in our community. Athletes like Keith Gavin, Feleipe Franks, Nigel Bradham, Sam McGrew, Cedric Holton, Al Donaldson, Dustin Roberts, Jordan Franks and many others rose to football success and began their days on different teams within what was then known as “Rec Park Ball”.
In 2014 Wakulla County Youth Football and Cheerleading Association was named and formed by a group of dedicated parents and grandparents who wanted to continue seeing football in our community. While some things have changed some should stay the same.
Community, the heartbeat of our league and the driving force behind every football season. Community is described as a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. Our League defines community as a group football players and cheerleaders who are drafted to one of 11 teams who will go on to play at one of two middle schools and on to one high school, Wakulla High.
Please understand that with every year your child is not just one player on one team. Your child is a unique individual playing on one team within in our Wakulla Football Community.
Support our Wakulla Football Community this Saturday at Reynolds Stadium! Lil Razorbacks will take on the undefeated Tigers at 3 p.m. At 5:15 p.m. our Competition Cheerleaders will take center stage to preview their routine for Regional Competition. Then the mighty Warriors will match up against the Razorbacks at 5:30 p.m.
Each year it takes Cougars, Warriors, YellowJackets, Bulldogs, Razorbacks, Steelers, Patriots, Colts, Vikings, and Tigers to have a successful season. Without the Wakulla Football Community, we have none of those teams.
Parents, I call you to task! Lay aside the camaraderie of any team you represented this year and support our Wakulla Youth on Saturday.
Scenes from this year’s rec park football and cheerleading season. (Special to The News)