KWCB hosts state meeting of Keep Florida Beautiful

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Keep America Beautiful president also visits


What place on the map is better than Wakulla County to host a conference on keeping the environment beautiful?
Last week, about 60 guests stayed in Wakulla as part of the annual Keep Florida Beautiful Affiliate State Meeting. Keep America Beautiful President and CEO Jennifer M. Jehn, based out of NYC, also joined the fun.
Events included dinner and a cruise at Wakulla Springs, officer elections, discussion and presentations. The group enjoyed a low country boil at Hudson Park Friday, hosted by the Tourism Development Council of Wakulla County.
Jo Ann Palmer, executive director of Keep Wakulla County Beautiful, said the state meeting was outstanding.  
“The highlight was watching everyone enjoy the boat ride on the river compliments of Wakulla Springs State Park and Jeff Hugo, lunch prepared by David Moody, sponsored by Panacea Waterfronts Florida Partnership and The Tourism Development Council,” Palmer said. “And having Jennifer Jehn join us and speak to us about how critical the efforts we all put on are to keeping America beautiful and the health of our environment.”
Jehn said Wakulla was everything she expected and more.
“Wakulla County has a lot to be proud of, and a lot to keep beautiful and work for,” she said.
Keep America Beautiful has a focus on litter prevention, recycling, waste reduction and beautification. She said Wakulla fits into that mission with its frequent coastal and roadside cleanups, removing tons of the debris over the years.
The family or individual can have a big impact in keeping Wakulla, Florida and America beautiful, Jehn said.
“Come out for a cleanup, participate in those events, and use resources to recycle,” Jehn said.
Even small acts can have a big result.
“Be a good steward,” said Cecile Carson, Keep America Beautiful’s senior director of Affiliate Development. “If you see litter, pick it up, and that will inspire other people not to litter.”
Jehn said, “If you’re interested in making your community clean, green and beautiful – and having beautiful being the lasting signature of your community – this is a gateway to that. Come out and get involved.”
To find out more about Keep Wakulla County Beautiful, contact KWCB President Jo Ann Palmer at helpkwcb@gmail.com or call the office 745-7111.
Save the date for the KWCB Coastal Cleanup Sept. 19.