Shell Point precinct has brief issue with elevator

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A voter reportedly had problems using the elevator at the Seafarer's Chapel, the location of the voting precinct for Shell Point, on Tuesday, Nov. 6, and was briefly delayed in voting.

Wakulla Supervisor of Elections Buddy Wells rushed to Shell Point thinking there was mechanical problem with the elevator – turns out the voter was unaware that inside and outside doors of the elevator had to be closed before the lift would operate.

"We took care of the problem," Wells said. "I've got a man downstairs" to tell voters they can either use the stairs or the elevator, and makes sure the elevator works properly.

The Shell Point precinct has historically been the Apalachee Bay VFD fire station, but was moved after floodwaters from Hurricane Michael hit the building. The electrical system is good, said Wells, but the bathrooms are inoperable.

Wells moved the precinct to the Seafarer's Chapel and sent letters to all Shell Point voters to notify them of the change in voting location.

The Seafarer's Chapel is also used as the Coast Guard Auxiliary Station at Shell Point, and is a building raised on pylons about 20 feet high.