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  • John Henry Fountain keeps busy with art

    By Megan chichester
    Staff Writer

    John Henry Fountain, who recently lost his wife of 17 years, is keeping busy with metal work, poetry and other art but continues to reminisce about his wife.
    “Yes, she was my hippy chick. My wife Patty she passed in January due to a heart attack. Patty Glover Autry, she was born and raised here. I had met her at Slough Bridge swimming hole.”

  • JENNY ODOM:Wakulla artist finds her groove in Apalachicola

    Staff Writer

     “I really enjoyed writing. That was the first time I was really a writer.”
    Jenny Odom smiles as she remembers her time as a staff and arts and entertainment writer for The Wakulla news.
    “I was languishing a lot. I was doing art but not enough to keep my self financially stable.”
    It would be hard to imagine this creative not being around art.

  • Palaver Tree backstory

    The Black Box Theater you see today was once an auction house that was built by CL Townsend Sr. Later the site became home to storage units. Nothing became of the units for a long time until Donaldson came along.
    “Around 2010, at an event in Wakulla Springs and Anita Townsend introduced me to the audience,” recounts Donaldson. “Both of Townsend’s sons were there – CL Jr. and Jack Townsend were in the audience. They approached me and said they knew I was trying to build a theater in Wakulla.

  • Director Brian Maurer to visit Palaver Tree

    Brian Maurer has finished his film “In the Wake of Ire” and is happy to have it screened at Palaver Theater.

  • Palaver Tree Theater to hold Film Festival


    Palaver Tree Theater will be celebrating its new building by holding its first film festival, in partnership with Tallahassee Film Festival.
    During the festival, Palaver Tree will be exhibiting short films called Palaver Selections.
    Donaldson wants to influence others about art and theater, not solely in Wakulla.


    This past Saturday, Sept. 30th The Wakulla County Airport celebrated being open for 54 years. There was a concert, an automobile and aviation show along with snacks,  fun and educational information from vendors.

  • Young photographer has focus

    ARTS Writer

    It was a Saturday night at the “Wet n’ Wrap” party that attracted a crowd to Bayleaf market. Although it is unusual for the store to open in the evening, this was for a special occasion. The food and hospitality wasn’t the main selling point that night – local artists came to sell their creative works, share their talents, and connect with other like-minded creatives.

  • PALAVER TREE THEATER: Stage for opportunity

    Arts Correspondent

    Scene in Wakulla, a pop up event being held July 27-29, will be three days of celebration of art within Wakulla.
    The main goal of the event is to debut Palaver Tree Theater, a group which prides itself at breaking the barrier of entry into acting. The founders seek to spark thought and positivity through their performance theater. The group is refreshing in its acceptance of everyone with various beliefs and talents.

  • Local artist heats up art scene


  • From the Heart: A feel-good studio


    It was hidden in plain sight, right there in front of me. I found it in the heart of Wakulla County in the town of Sopchoppy. The gem of a recording studio, From The Heart Recording Studio, is a hidden treasure. Looks can be deceiving, as the older medium sized home, containing the studio has extensive history with talented artists who seek recording services. I was pleasantly surprised when I had a conversation with the couple who run the recording studio, Rick Ott and Nelle McCall.