Senior Citizens

  • Avoiding social isolation: The Magic of Aging

    By R.H. CARTER
    Senior Center Director

  • Creating a life that matters


    Are you doing what matters most to you?
    Does your work give your life meaning?
    I’m not asking whether you are happy, but whether your life has meaning.
    A study in the Journal of Positive Psychology examined attitudes toward happiness and meaning. It showed a meaningful life and a happy life overlap in certain ways, but are ultimately different.

  • Ameris Bank supports center’s Thanksgiving Feast

    Wakulla Senior Citizens Council would like to recognize Ameris Bank along with its branch manager and AVP Shana Langston for raising $3,758.92 for the Community Thanksgiving Feast and Food Pantry. The generous donation helped feed more than 400 families in our community and afforded many food from the Food Pantry for the holidays.
    This is the fourth year that Ameris Bank and its employees have donated money and food to our Center. The continued support for our community from a hometown bank is priceless.
    Thank you, Ameris Bank!

  • Ms. Annie Edwards celebrates life at the Senior Center

    Since I returned to the Senior Center, I’ve written only one news article. It focused on the welfare of this organization.
    I continue to receive encouragement to write about our financial condition. So, we’re on our way to being OK. So much for that.
    Writing about those we serve brings so much more pleasure to me and brings more compliments from the public.

  • The magic of aging

    The name of this article will be familiar to many of you. I wrote many articles from 1997 until 2013 with this title. The seniors that come to this center to celebrate life do find magic.
    This quality of enchantment accompanies every senior as they come to the center but is not recognized until they begin to share with each other.

  • The past month’s activities at the Senior Center
  • Can you hear me now? Part 1

    As we age our sense of hearing sometimes wanes either a bit or a bunch. Hearing loss is one of the issues that afflicts many seniors at our center. It’s not uncommon to hear someone exclaim in a loud voice, can you hear me now?
    We should set up a Miracle Ear or Bell Tone office up at the center. Of course we do invite them to our health fair! We do keep hearing aid batteries on hand in case of battery depletion occurring while the senior is visiting.

  • February is ‘Love our seniors’ month at the senior center

    Of the Senior Center

    I want to offer a small personal testimony about my past perception of the Wakulla Senior Citizens Center and of my current view and involvement.
    Having lived in this beautiful county for more than 30 years, I was well aware that we had a senior center, and I was also well aware of its past director,  R.H. Carter.
    In fact, Mr. Carter visited me on many occasions to solicit participation in the center, primarily in the form of financial contributions or sponsorships for certain programs.

  • Skin is in!

    Have you noticed that as we age our skin changes or is it just me?  
    Where are these red marks under my skin coming from and they are not freckles either?  
    You bump your arm on something and instead of the area of skin turning blue it turns red. It’s all a part of the aging process, I guess.
    Well, I think I know why we get the discoloration in our skin.

  • Come celebrate life at the senior center

    Of the Senior Center

    This past month as yet another month full of activities, fellowship, and fun as the R.H. Carter Senior Citizens Complex was busy, and sometimes a bit noisy.
    We continue to strive to be a community focal point where older persons can come together for services and activities which enhance their dignity, support their independence and encourage their involvement.