• A simple act of kindness

    Steve was walking down the sidewalk the other day to get from the barber shop to where he’d parked his pickup. It was a nice kind of day. Chilly, of course, but not bolt-freezing cold.
    His mind was on what he had to do that day. In addition to the usual ranch chores, he had to catch up the horses and give their hooves a mid-winter trim. There are only a couple of horses shod at the moment, in case one is needed, and the others will get iron on them before the spring gather.

  • Ganja, guns and money

    TALLAHASSEE – He insists he wasn’t trying to get the parents of two victims of the Parkland school massacre booted out of a congressional committee this week.
    But Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, one of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ chief advisers, made international news after video of a confrontation between the Panhandle Republican and two dads went viral.

  • Chamber plans to recognize local businesswomen

    The new president of the Wakulla Chamber of Commerce, Rachel Pienta, has some ideas for her year as leader of that organization.
    One is to honor outstanding businesswomen in Wakulla. She bounced the idea off me and I said that sounds like a great idea.
    Look around at any Chamber function and most of the participants are women. A lot of the officers are women. Women are change makers and creators in our business community throughout the county.

  • Volunteering at Snip It (Trap/Neuter/Release) event

    By MEGAN

    T his past weekend was the first Snip It (TNR- Trap/Neuter/Spay) event in 2019 for Paws of Wakulla.
    I was shocked by just how many cats filled the room at Shepard Springs Animal Hospital.
    Cages lined the hallway with feral cats. These are the same cats you might see roaming the county, maybe even in your back yard.
    They are domestic cats but they are afraid of people, and wouldn’t make good indoor pets. I wasn’t aware of how great the problem was.

  • Let me introduce myself: I’m Daniel Prentice


    Hello, Wakulla County.
    As you can see in my byline, my name is Daniel Prentice. I’m the newest employee here at The Wakulla News, though some of you may remember my sport stories I wrote for the paper back in 2016 and 2017.
    This time around I’ll be doing a little more than writing about sports, as I’ll be helping to bring you all of the latest news from the surrounding area.

  • Shoaf: College isn’t for everybody


    For decades, government has been working to improve high school curriculum so our kids are college-ready.
    What about the kids who aren’t going to college? What have we done to help them be successful in life?
    College is not for everyone. In House District 7, roughly 75 percent of residents didn’t choose to go to college or didn’t finish college[i]. Too many of our kids are left behind with just a high school degree and a ticket to a minimum wage job.

  • BEREAVEMENT COLUMN: A pastoral rebuke


    Recently I worked with a beautiful family who had lost their matriarch.
    The children and grandchildren were, of course, distraught over their significant loss and were at times emotional during the services.

  • Impressed with commissioners


    I haven’t covered county commission in a while.
    When reporter Erin Hill, who usually covers most local government, said she was sick on Monday, that meant I had to go to the county commission meeting.
    I had heard over the last couple of years how well the past board got along.
    You could argue that they got along because there weren’t any great controversies that they had to take a stand on.

  • Saving money in the new year


    Ican’t believe it’s the end of the year already. I feel like the past eight months or so kind of just flew by.
    Now it’s time to take down my Christmas decorations, and make New Year’s resolutions again.
    I said I was done with New Year’s resolutions. One year - 2010, I think - I broke all three of my resolutions within the first five minutes of the ball dropping.
    I remember two of them. One was to stop eating pork, and the other was to not lose things like my phone, or my keys, or my I.D.

  • Stop for the babies!


    Despite the fact that I have one of those faces that make me seem angry even when I’m not, for which I thank genetics and my father, I tend to be a passive person.
    Not much upsets me really, and when I do get annoyed it is short lived.
    However, as a mother, one thing that does infuriate me is when people are inconsiderate regarding the safety of my children and/or the children of others.