• Take time to share thoughts through our Internet poll

    We have had very good response to our polls on the newspaper web site. The results of the most recent poll can be found below and I have added another poll following a request from Wakulla County Commission Chairman Howard Kessler.

    The poll asks about preferences for board meeting starting times. Feel free to vote for your favorite meeting starting time.

    I also encourage the public to contact me with new poll topic ideas to be used at a later date.

  • Living in small-town America

    I love living in small-town America. Nurse Judy, with her high-falutin’ ways sometimes complains a little, but I know she likes it, too. She always wants to be a big frog and what better place than in a small puddle?

    The small towns around Tallahassee enjoy the advantages Florida’s capital city has to offer. Yet, they are amazingly self-sufficient as well.

  • The votes have been counted: And the winner is...

    The Wakulla News Internet poll regarding law enforcement has concluded and 136 voters have cast their opinion vote.

    The poll question was: Which law enforcement agency do you have the most confidence in?

    The Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office placed first with 61 votes or 44.8 percent.

    The Florida Department of Law Enforcement finished second with 29 votes or 21.3 percent of the vote.

    The Florida Highway Patrol finished third with 21 votes or 15.4 percent of the vote.

  • The sheriff, wildlife photos and spring baseball training

    We still have fresh memories of the time spent covering the October and November election process with Sheriff David Harvey and Charlie Creel. The election brouhaha calmed down around the holidays.

    Just when you thought it was safe to open your newspaper or turn on the television, there is more to read about.

  • How about some good news in Wakulla this week?

    I promised myself I would write something positive this week. There seems to be an abundance of negativity swirling around our little part of the world and around the country as well.

    • I think I will start with the Special Olympics. If you are feeling a little blue, they have the cure. Watching Special Olympians compete locally, regionally or on a state level brings a lump to your throat.

    Our crew competed last week in Medart and the looks on the faces of competitors and supporters was priceless. It is a very “special” group.