• Vote Yes on Amendment 10


    This November the citizens of Wakulla County will have many choices when they go to vote.
    There will also be a dozen different amendments that they will need to research and determine if they want to place them in our State Constitution. Amendment 10 is one of the most important, and I would like to briefly explain why we should all support it.

  • ‘A day on’ at Wakulla Springs


    As the end of the year approaches, local organizations have already begun making plans for Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Black History Month.
    This year the Friends of Wakulla Springs is among those organizing for the national day of service that was deemed “a day on, not a day off” by congress in 1994.

  • BEREAVEMENT COLUMN September 20, 2018: When death is sudden, unexpected


    My husband and I go to a movie and out to dinner every Tuesday.
    Unlike most couples, our weekends are almost always filled with funerals and Mondays are insanely backlogged with paperwork.
    That makes Tuesday our weekend. It is the slowest day of the week for us and it is the senior discount day for many businesses.
    The movie theatre near our home offers a wonderful discount every Tuesday so it makes our evening out very affordable.

  • ‘Grand Reveal’ planned for St. Marks Lighthouse


    For 176 years the present St. Marks Lighthouse has stood majestically as the “Crown Jewel,” first of the territory of Florida, then of Leon County, and finally, since 1843, Wakulla County.
    The beautiful tower now standing, was the third one, built in 1842, three years before Florida became a state in 1845. It has been ravaged by numerous hurricanes as well as the Civil War, but she has withstood every challenge.

  • BEREAVEMENT COLUMN:The joy of chores


    When I was a young mother, I loved spending time with my daughters. My husband and I would plan inexpensive weekend get-aways and mid-week activities that centered on making wonderful memories and traditions with them.
    Our daughters are now adults with children of their own. I watch them doing the same things with their children that we did with ours. It brings joy to my heart.
    As a young mother, I did not enjoy housework. In all honesty, I loathed housework. To this very day, I truly do not enjoy housework.

  • Teachers find fun, new ways to make extra cash


    Recently, I came across an article on BuzzFeed titled “Teachers are moonlighting as Instagram Influencers to make ends meet.”
    Before even reading the first sentence, I immediately copied and pasted the link, and sent it to a few of my friends who are teachers.
    A few of them are always asking me about ways they can make extra money on the side, because I’ve always had more than one stream of revenue money.

  • BEREAVEMENT COLUMN: To vault, or not to vault

    September 6, 2018


  • TCC Foundation seeks local support


    Tallahassee Community College is proud to have served Wakulla County for more than 50 years.
    When the College was founded in 1966, it was thanks in part to local citizens like Dr. W.D. North Sr., John Pigott and A.L. Porter. They were part of the advisory committee that made the idea of a junior college into a reality. This same committee would later become the District Board of Trustees that I serve on today.

  • Self-defense training for women empowering


    I believe empowering women is so important, and giving them the tools they need to protect themselves and their families is essential.
    I recently heard about the free self-defense class for women that was held at the community center. Unfortunately, it was full very quickly and I wasn’t able to attend, but this past weekend I stopped by anyway to observe a portion of the last class, and interview some of the people involved.

  • The mystery of the horseshoe crab

    By Erin Hill

    While at Alligator Point back in May, Jack Rudloe came across a barnacle-covered male horseshoe crab on the beach.
    In a Facebook post, Rudloe wrote, “The crab was dead, smelled bad, and its gills and legs were rotted and fell out, indicating it was probably alive a week or two ago.”