• This healthcare solution is bipartisan

    Editor, The News:

    Over 20 million Americans may soon pay less in taxes and medical bills. Lawmakers recently introduced a bipartisan bill that would expand “health savings accounts.” HSAs allow people to save money for future medical expenses tax-free. And they incentivize people to secure care from the healthcare providers that give them the biggest bang for their buck. The bill would expand HSAs so that they cover more medical expenses, such as chronic and preventative care.

  • Some great play at Wildwood Golf

    Editor, The News:

    This week at Wildwood was crazy with record rounds, hole in ones, a double eagle, and a 9-hole round of 28.  
    The rain has been phenomenal for the course. The golf course drains so good because it’s totally sand.
    We can have a hurricane and we resume play in 30 minutes after the storm goes through. We never need to play with a 90 degree rule or cart path only.

  • Big Bend Hospice staff make donation

    Editor, The News:

    Big Bend Hospice staff from Wakulla and Franklin counties have collected donations for the Eastpoint fire victims over the last few weeks. Staff from the office have already delivered some new clothing as well as a generous amount of toiletry items such as toothpaste, shampoo and laundry detergent.
    This picture is from Friday, July 27. Kate Davis, BBH Community Relations Coordinator, hand-delivered the cash and checks donation to Franklin’s Promise Coalition.  They were very appreciative of the staff at Big Bend Hospice.

  • Submit questions for Chamber/News candidate forum

    Staff Report

    The Wakulla Chamber of Commerce and The Wakulla News will hold a candidate forum on Aug. 21 at the Wakulla Environmental Center.
    To submit questions, email them to editor@thewakullanews.net or go to the website, thewakullanews.com.
    Local candidates expected to attend the forum include county commission district 2 candidates  Jamel Gavin and Randy Merritt; district 4 candidates Quincee Messersmith and Ted Recker; and school board district 5 candidates Jo Ann Daniels, Donna Savary, and Steven Sullivan.

  • An editorial cartoon that gets it right

    Editor, The News:

    Re: the editorial cartoon on last week’s Opinion Page of President Trump with Putin and Merkel:
    Good to see a political cartoon that is spot on!

    John Rojas

  • Thankful for Dr. Plaggi and staff

    Editor, The News:

    Wakulla being a small community, we only have a few physicians. I want to praise Tallahassee Memorial with Dr. Andrea Plaggi for being the best. I have been her patient for 14 years. Walking in the front door, I am greeted with a smile by the girls at the front desk. They are like family, so friendly and kind.
    Then I am taken to the back by either Christine or Beverly. Also like family. Nurse Sandy handles all phone calls regarding prescriptions. If you leave a message with her, the situation is handled the same or next day.

  • Failure of vision at Lake Ellen

    Editor, The News:

  • Support of cancer benefit appreciated

    Editor, The News:

    In reference to the Duran Crenshaw Cancer Benefit:
    The family of Harvey Mae Gavin would like to thank Sheriff Jared Miller, his great staff and all the local businesses that contributed to the cancer luncheon benefit held for Duran Crenshaw at Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday, July 19.
      We would also like thank all the members of the community that came out and participated. Your generosity and support is greatly appreciated.
    Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

  • Letter of thanks from Green family

    Editor, The News:

    With the utmost and sincerest gratitude our family would like to thank all of our friends and family for the abundance of food and flowers and so many other things that were done on our behalf while we tried to prepare for Mama’s homecoming. Our mutual churches Ivan Assembly of God, Springs of Hope Assembly of God, our Hunt Club (Mike and all the guys/gals), and so many more. Our family appreciates and dearly loves the amount of love and respect that was showered on us and especially Mama (Priscilla Green).

  • Rick Scott took Fifth 75 times

    Editor, The News:

    Some say Rick Scott is governor from his $302 million golden parachute paid by his CEO corporation (which paid a record $1.7 billion fine).
    I don’t know if Scott taking the FifthAmendment 75 times during his 6-hour deposition proves he stole  the money used to pay his golden parachute.
    BUT if he did anything wrong I WASN’T WITH HIM WHEN HE DID IT!

    Mike Carter