• This month I think it proper to feature some information provided to me by Bill McLean from Moultrie, Ga.  I met Bill several months ago when he stopped by the Wakulla Historical Society Museum in Crawfordville while researching a large boat which was apparently beached and abandoned on the banks of the Ochlockonee River on the Franklin County side of the bridge at U.S. Highway 319.


    No, the Sassy Strippers are not a group of exotic dancers.
    They are a quilting group that meets every Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. to make quilts for traumatized children.
    “Stripping” is a term for a part of the quilting process, Kay Roberts explains. One of the women in the group calls herself The Sassy Lady, and these terms combined to create the name “Sassy Strippers Quilters.”

    of Wakulla Springs

    It’s my loss. You know how you meet people who are at once friendly and easy to talk to. 
    They strike a chord with your values and emote a concern for your well being. 
    John Ahler is one of those people.
    The sad news is that John, who has faithfully served at Wakulla Springs for 20 years, is moving on to a new opportunity. 
    Of course, it is good news for him. He has been the lodge manager since 2006. 


    Wakulla High School alumnus Paul Lange is starring in the upcoming independent feature film “Maybe Tomorrow” by writer-director by Michael Wolfe.
    Lange graduated from Wakulla in 1991 and, after taking a few months off, enlisted in the U.S. Navy along with friend Chad Richardson. The two friends went to boot camp together in Orlando, and then Lange was shipped off to Japan, where he enjoyed traveling in Asia.

    Refuge Youth Ambassador

    The goal of an Eagle Scout project is to benefit an organization in the community other than the Boy Scouts.
    Boy Scout Luke Ponder, with Troop 4 out of St. Marks, focused his efforts on Eden Springs Nursing and Rehab Center in Crawfordville.
    After looking through several different service projects available in the county for his Eagle Scout project, Ponder, 17, learned of one that involved fixing up the outside area at Eden Springs.

    Special to The News

    Years ago, when I was a senior at Wakulla High School, my friend, Karen McKenzie, and I, would leave a class or two early, skip town and make our way to the Governor’s Square Mall. We were seniors and took ruthless advantage of this newly found freedom at every chance.
    One day, Karen was in one of her more depressive states, and all she wanted to do was go to the St. Marks Lighthouse for a moment to ‘breathe.’

  • After traveling to Wakulla County 20 years ago, Jesse Christiansen decided it was time to keep his promise to return.
    And earlier this year, he did just that.
    "Everybody in Crawfordville was so beautiful to me," Christiansen said. "They take you in."
    Christiansen came through Wakulla County in November 1988 on a Schwinn bicycle.
    He started in Anchorage, Alaska, and ended in Miami Beach, a 6,970-mile trip.

    Special to The News

    NOTE: Thank you to those who’ve offered kind words for the articles written these past few weeks. I dedicate this last Black History Month installment to my grandmother who would’ve celebrated her birthday this past week.

  • More than 30 years ago my grandmother and I would attend the Macedonia Church of Christ, in Buckhorn, on – what seemed like – a lifetime of Sundays, arriving in our beige and black Plymouth.
    I presently found myself underneath the shade of the old tree where she would park, turn off the car, adjust whatever fantastic ladies hat she’d decided on wearing, and prepare herself to enter the House of the Lord.

    Special to The News

    Special to The News

    Special to The News

  • Bird watchers and nature lovers were given the chance to take a ride down the Wakulla River on a Wakulla Springs’ river boat with host and well-known bird enthusiast Pete Dunne on Jan. 24.
    Dunne was in the area for several days and made a stop at Wakulla Springs, a place he had never been before.
    “This is a world class destination,” Dunne said. “This is a life birding location.”

    The challenge of trying to find a shortcut into the Wakulla-Leon Sinks cave system has been one that the Woodville Karst Plain Project has been trying to overcome for years.
    On Friday, Jan. 7, divers with Global Underwater Explorers, an affiliate of WKPP, visited a sinkhole on the Park Subdivision property hoping to find that shortcut. But, no such luck.
    Two divers explored the sinkhole that was discovered by Cal Jamison.
    The water was clear, they said, but contained a lot of mush.

  • D.R. “Pee Wee” Vause says he feels blessed to have been able to raise his family on a farm.“There’s a beautiful part of life that we have here on the farm,” Vause says as he sits on his porch overlooking his land.
    “You can’t sit here and not feel peaceful.”The Vause family was named the 2010 Farm Family for Wakulla County.