• Home on the range: Be sure to check your ammo


    Ms. Sortof Newbie has a Kimber 1911 9mm handgun. Her boyfriend buys it for her saying it’s a really fine gun. He jacks the slide for her to show her how to do it. He demonstrates how to push bullets into the magazine with his big thumbs. He tells her to keep the gun and bullets separate in her car until she gets to the range. Then she is to take the cased gun to the shooting bench, load the magazine, and pop it into the grip, and finally jack that slide.
    “Well,” she thinks. “This is not exactly rocket science.”

  • FWC Law Enforcement report Dec.13, 2018

    From FWC News

    Some of the cases handled by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Law Enforcement Nov. 16 to Nov. 29.
    (There were no reported cases for Wakulla County.)

  • Natural Wakulla: Gingko biloba, or maidenhair, is unique

    Dec. 13, 2018

  • Underwater Wakulla- December 13, 2018

    The next step Underwater

    Underwater, life support means either good breath holding skills or some sort of compressed gas cylinder strapped to your back or side from which to breathe. Before the 1940’s oxygen rebreathers prevailed, but were limited to shallow water. Hans Hass used underwater photography to open the public’s perception of the underwater world while breathing from an oxygen rebreather.

  • FWC Law Enforcement report Dec.6 2018

    From FWC News

    Some of the cases handled by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Law Enforcement during Nov. 2 to Nov. 15.

  • Birding at the refuge

    Special to The News
    In seven hours of cold November birding at St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, I logged 86 species including 957 ducks of 18 species.
    This continues to be a strange fall season with late birds. I had a number of surprises including Bobolink and Cliff Swallow.
    Ducks are widely distributed across the refuge.

    Double Bridges

    I had a flock of seven Rusty Blackbirds including one breeding plumage male.
    The Double Bridges ranges from exciting to just a scenic walk.

  • Home on the range: A tale of two .45s


    Just as all carry guns are not alike, not all .45 ACPs are alike either.
    I expected that, and so asked Maxine, Glenda, Ned and Joe to the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office range in Sopchoppy to compare two different 45s: the Smith & Wesson M&P .45 and the Auto-Ordinance Thompson Custom 1911 .45.
    The S&W is a striker-fired gun and the Auto O is a hammer gun.
    Generally, I prefer striker-fired guns because I believe their action is smoother.

  • Natural Wakulla: Deer are uninvited guests in the suburbs

    The current holiday season has accelerated the necessity of many activities. Of course there is decorating and shopping, for both gifts and decorations.
    There are also the social occasions where guests are invited into the home, usually for a meal or snacks. Family pride demands only the best culinary offerings be served to the visitor.
    Sometimes there are uninvited guests, and they invariably eat hardily at the host’s expense. Such is the case with white tailed deer, a native herbivore, which stray into suburbia.

  • FWC Law Enforcement Report Nov.29, 2018

    From FWC News

    Some of the cases handled by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Law Enforcement during Oct. 19 to Nov. 1.
    (There were no reported cases for Wakulla County.)

  • Home on the Range : A better bear gun


    If I ever return to our vacation paradise in Maine, I’m going to get me a bear gun.
    Yes, I’m afraid of bears. Last September, I stuck my Springfield XDS in the back of my pants while gathering apples for Mama. Feeling the cold weight in the hollow of my back made me feel moderately safer.
    However, the XDS is a 9mm handgun. It has a short 3.3-inch barrel.
    If I accidentally step between angry charging Mama Bear and Baby, will that short-barreled 9mm do the trick?
    Well, I don’t want to find out.