• Fossil records in limestone of Wakulla’s past

    The road work on U.S. Highway 319 has affected almost every resident of Wakulla County.
    Pastures, timberland and even a few roadside stores are now in the process of being converted to a speedy route to the coast and Tallahassee.
    The disruptions and longer commute times are temporary and can be chalked up to progress. Longtime residents will reminisce about how things were different in the 1960s, ‘50s or earlier, but life in the 21st century will continue to see many changes, positive or negative depending on one’s perspective.

  • A big difference between 9mm and .380?

    That new Sig Sauer P365 has come on the market recently. I’ve heard a whole lot of hoopla, and I like Sigs, so the idea of the P365 is really appealing.
    Now, I’m not dissing my Sig .380. The P238 .380 has never given me a moment’s trouble. It has eaten every cheap ammunition I’ve put in the magazine, it fits easily in a small hand, it shoots accurately and reliably, and it nestles in a carry purse with room to spare.

  • Underwater Wakulla- February 21, 2019

    Diving into Ambition

  • DEP celebrates Florida hiking trails month

    In recognition of Florida’s 7,000 miles of shared-use and hiking trails, February is celebrated as Florida Hiking Trails Month.
    The Florida Department of Environmental Protection encourages residents and visitors to get active and take advantage of Florida’s natural beauty by enjoying its expansive trail network.

  • The truth about Florida’s deer rut

    There are a lot of theories and differing opinions on what causes the white-tailed deer rut. Hours of daylight decreasing, geographic latitude, genetics, climate, evolution and moon phase are many factors that hunters and deer enthusiasts have debated over the years. To get to the science behind it and learn the facts about what impacts the rut, I asked the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s white-tailed deer research biologist Elina Garrison.

  • Talk to County Forester about planting

    As a County Forester, I’m often asked: When is the best time to plant pine trees? And, what species of pine should I plant?
    Unfortunately, the best short answer I can give is: “It depends.”
    As with most things in nature, tree planting follows no hard-set rules, but there are some general guidelines that can help you have a successful planting project.

  • The Springfield EMP Compact .40 S&W

    We’re at the gun show at the Tallahassee fairgrounds. Big surprise, huh?
    To me, visiting a gun show is like visiting a museum. I want to take my time looking around.
    Vendors are watching closely to see if you might actually want something they have on display.
    One gun stands out from the rest. While not quite a carry gun for someone of my size, it looks really solid.
    The vendor has spotted my interest.
    “Would you like to pick it up? Go ahead!” he encourages with a big smile. Vendors want to sell.

  • Rabbits are voracious predators on gardens

    One of the many benefits of living in Wakulla County is the relatively mild winters. While the days and nights are not the subtropical temperatures of south Florida in February, the thermometer readings are far about the frigid readings so common in much of the country.
    A secondary advantage of the local climate is the opportunity for anyone to grow their own leafy cool-season vegetables. These healthy menu choices flourish in the brisk temperatures and have relative, by comparison, few insect problems when compared to warm season gardens.

  • Underwater Wakulla- February 14, 2019

    Change of the Guard

  • FWC Law Enforcement report

    Some of the cases handled by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Law Enforcement during Jan. 4 to 17.