• Underwater Wakulla December 15th

    By Gregg Stanton

  • FWC Law Enforcement Report

    From FWC News
    This report represents some events the FWC handled over the week, Nov. 18-25.
    (There were no cases reported in Wakulla County.)

  • Wadcutters make shooting a little easier


    You know you’ve got a good gun. It’s a .38 or a .357. Someone who loves you gave it to you because they want you to be safe at home alone.
    Yep. Good gun. Want to shoot it?
    Well, let me qualify that. At least four of my range women friends are really good shots with their .38s. And they’ll keep shooting too.

  • Underwater Wakulla- December 8, 2016

    It’s taken a while and I still haven’t caught back up from our trip to DEMA in Las Vegas but I promised to let you know if anything exciting came of it. There were a few wins this year but they weren’t many. As usual, the big companies took center stage with big booths but with relatively few product changes or advancements. Aqualung and Scubapro have new buoyancy compensators and Atomic Aquatics launched their first buoyancy system. Mares didn’t have any new products and the folks at Oceanic/Hollis really only had some minor changes to their rebreathers.

  • Natural Wakulla by By Les Harrison

    The unending stream of gift idea advertisements, the decorative lights and faux icicles, and the frequent appearance of the jolly old elf collectively indicate the season. Only an individual from the remotest depths of the galaxy would not recognize the signs.

  • Underwater Wakulla- December 8, 2016 by Travis Kersting

    2016 DEMA Report.

    It’s taken a while and I still haven’t caught back up from our trip to DEMA in Las Vegas but I promised to let you know if anything exciting came of it.

  • All you need to know about duck, dove hunting regulations

    Hunting during the holidays is such a longstanding tradition in our country, which allows hunters to participate in the management and conservation of wildlife while putting healthy, free-range protein on our family’s dinner table.
    In this column, I go over a couple of hunting seasons that begin in December – the second phase of waterfowl and coot; and the third phase of mourning and white-winged dove.


  • The Ruger LCR .327 Mag is a fine revolver


    I’m not crazy about revolvers.
    This is probably because I’ve seen many women who have been given or have been sold lightweight .38 specials. Featherweights. These light revolvers can be difficult for small-framed women to handle, especially if they are new to shooting.
    The .38 has little mass to absorb the kick and so it can be difficult to control. The hefty .38 caliber rounds can give pretty solid recoil.
    For a small-boned, mature woman, this can mean: “Ow, ow, ow!”

  • Underwater Wakulla- December 1, 2016

    As you probably already know, we breathe a gas underwater that differs from that which we breathe on land, whether it is air or a gas that is enriched with oxygen before it is taken below the waves.
    The pressure of the water changes the gas as we descend, increasing the density, and partial pressure of each component until limits are exceeded and the gas becomes toxic.
    Such is the nature of diving Nitrox.
    But add helium, and greater depth can be reached safely.
    Yes, helium is the same gas that kids get in floating party balloons.

  • It’s been a good fall for scale insects

    By Les Harrison