• State: Black bears show ‘robust’ growth

    News Service of Florida

    TALLAHASSEE, March 24 – Florida has a “robust” and growing bear population, according to the latest state estimate.
    But a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission official said Thursday it remains premature to speculate about whether a bear hunt will be held this year.
    The latest Florida black bear estimate puts the overall population at 4,350 adults, of which 4,220 are believed to be in five areas of the state.

  • The best gun to give as a gift for Auntie

    By Marj Law
    Special to The News

    Quite a lot of mature women meet at the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office range on Wednesday mornings to practice safe shooting shills. Some women have handled handguns most of their lives.
    Some women don’t even own guns; they want to see what others have so they can learn what will work best for them.
    And some lucky women have loved ones who purchase guns for them so they will feel safe. This is a kindness indeed.

  • Flowering trees are blooming all over Wakulla

    The ample rainfall earlier this week has accelerated the return of greenery to Wakulla County. The many hours of slow, steady drizzle was punctuated by the occasional down pour.
    The many native plants have, in turn, responded to the liquid encouragement. Flowers of almost every hue and tone are exhibiting this season’s finest display of colors and texture.

  • Underwater Wakulla- March 24, 2016

    Now that summer is nearly upon us, aquatic adventurers will again encounter our playful marine creatures and wonder where they came from.
    They are intelligent, air-breathing mammals, with which we hold considerable empathy.
    At one time they must have had land ancestors that moved back into the sea. J.G.M Thewissen et al, in 2009 shed light on this question in a paper called “From Land to Water: The Origins of Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises.”
    The Cetaceans, as this group is called, originated around 50 million years ago, during the Eocene epoch.

  • Trying out the hammerless Sig Sauer P320

    By Marj Law
    Special to The News

    Well, it’s out there. You can now find a stryker-fire Sig Sauer.

  • River Bassin’ Tournament is held

    Special to The News

    On Saturday, March 5, Wakulla County rivers were host to the Kick Off Tournament of the 2016 River Bassin’ Tournament sponsored by Jackson Kayak, Orion Coolers, the Wakulla County Tourist Development Council and The Wilderness Way at 3152 Shadeville Road in Crawfordville.
    Contestants came to fish our local rivers for bass from as far away as Ohio, Indiana, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Pennsylvia but local Wakullans also competed – Jean Langton, Andrew Nelson, Wyatt Hampton, Kolby Brumby, and Brandon Bull.

  • Spring is here – bad news for cool season plants

    By Les Harrison

  • Underwater Wakulla- March 17, 2016

    Our season lasts six months. Scuba diving is mostly a warm water sport, but for us, something must change. Change is an interesting subject. It can be welcomed yet hard to digest at the same time.

  • Catch a record lionfish

    FWC News

    It’s big, it’s bold and it’s invasive. But could your lionfish catch be a record?
    If it is over 477 millimeters (18.78 inches) it very well could be.
     The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s newest way of encouraging divers to target these spiny invaders is the lionfish state records program.
    Lionfish are an invasive species that could have a negative impact on native fish and wildlife.

  • March offers peak freshwater fishing

    By Bob Wattendorf
    Special to The News

    Throughout the southeast, freshwater anglers await early spring fishing, not just because of the glorious weather but also because the majority of sportfish are beginning their spawning patterns.
    The TrophyCatch (TrophyCatchFlorida.com) program clearly shows that submissions of bass heavier than 8 pounds, which are caught in Florida, documented and released, peaks each March.
    This is similar to other sunfishes, which are in the same family of fish as bass and include bream and crappie.