• Taking down a Sig Sauer P320


  • Wildflower of the week

    This is a low-growing and sprawling non-native wildflower (Medicago lupulina) that blooms most of the year, beginning in February or March. It grows in long stretches along roadsides giving them a yellow hue. It is not a clover, but it resembles some of the small yellow native clovers that we have. I have seen it growing with the crimson clover and white clover, neither of which is native, but all three of these are widely spread and easy to find in the spring.
    –Eleanor Dietrich, Florida Wildflower Foundation

  • Underwater Wakulla- March 7, 2019

    A Change of the Guard

    I return to Wakulla County at the end of this month to take the helm over for the summer. According to the Cline's Diving Industry Survey, diving as an industry is holding steady, if not improving slowly over last year by around 4%. Travel of course has improved much more, which is why I have been pursuing an option for our customers on the Big Island. But with change comes gains and losses.

  • Comparison of two 9mm Sig Sauers


  • Resurrection ferns can handle drought

    “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds,” wrote 19th century philosopher and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson.
    What he was saying, in a highbrow and antiquated way, was not to do the same thing repeatedly without thought.
    Luckily, the local plants do not concern themselves with consistency. Most are currently recovering from a dormant period of brown and tan, but a few have remained unswervingly green.
    Aside from the pines, magnolias and live oaks, there has been green in the branches of some hardwood trees which went through the winter.

  • Underwater Wakulla- February 28, 2019

    Sunscreen Underwater

  • DEP celebrates Florida hiking trails month

    In recognition of Florida’s 7,000 miles of shared-use and hiking trails, February is celebrated as Florida Hiking Trails Month.
    The Florida Department of Environmental Protection encourages residents and visitors to get active and take advantage of Florida’s natural beauty by enjoying its expansive trail network.

  • Underwater Wakulla- February 21, 2019

    Diving into Ambition

  • A big difference between 9mm and .380?

    That new Sig Sauer P365 has come on the market recently. I’ve heard a whole lot of hoopla, and I like Sigs, so the idea of the P365 is really appealing.
    Now, I’m not dissing my Sig .380. The P238 .380 has never given me a moment’s trouble. It has eaten every cheap ammunition I’ve put in the magazine, it fits easily in a small hand, it shoots accurately and reliably, and it nestles in a carry purse with room to spare.

  • Fossil records in limestone of Wakulla’s past

    The road work on U.S. Highway 319 has affected almost every resident of Wakulla County.
    Pastures, timberland and even a few roadside stores are now in the process of being converted to a speedy route to the coast and Tallahassee.
    The disruptions and longer commute times are temporary and can be chalked up to progress. Longtime residents will reminisce about how things were different in the 1960s, ‘50s or earlier, but life in the 21st century will continue to see many changes, positive or negative depending on one’s perspective.