en Baseball: War Eagles improve to 9-9 on season <p> By KEITH ANDERSON<br /> WHS Baseball Coach<br /> <br /> The Varsity War Eagle Baseball team improved to 9-9 this past week, winning two out of three games.<br /> The first game this past Tuesday was a huge district win over Panama City Arnold High School. The War Eagles found themselves tied at 4 in the bottom of the seventh.<br /> Joseph Pierini and Jared found their way on 1st and 2nd base with no outs. Andrew Nelson perfectly executed a fake bunt slash for a walkoff double to win the contest.<br /> All Big-Bend: Wakullans recognized on sports teams <p> Staff Report<br /> <br /> Four Wakulla students were named this week to All-Big Bend Sports teams.<br /> Wakulla Christian School had two athletes named to the Second Team soccer:<br /> &bull; Goalie Seth Dudley, a junior, had 142 saves, 4 SO, and .055 GAA.<br /> &bull; Forward Zeb Lewis, a senior, had 9 goals and 6 assists.<br /> For girls basketball, two Wakulla High School players were recognized:<br /> &bull; Sage Day, a junior guard, was named to Third Team All-Big Bend with an average of 10.8 points per game and 4.3 rebounds.<br /> Road Race: Worm Gruntin’ 5K results <p> Race results for the Worm Gruntin&rsquo; 5K:<br /> 1 Bennett Michael, 27, 19:20:00 Overall Male<br /> 2 Wilber Andrews, 29, 20:28:00<br /> 3 Lawhon Brayden, 15, 20:43:00.<br /> 4 Claussen Rory,13 20:44:00 Overall Female<br /> 5 Schmitt Michael, 32, 20:55:00<br /> 6 Powers Raymond, 27,22:17:00<br /> 7 Chadwell Josiah, 13, 22:29:00.<br /> 8 Claussen Spencer, 13, 22:53:00<br /> 9 Claussen Neil, 45, 22:56:00 Overall Master Male<br /> 10 Lewis Liliana,12, 23:30:00<br /> 11 Bosche Lauren, 26, 23:33:00<br /> 12 Raffensperger Ion, 7, 23:34:00<br /> Home on the Range: The gun with the funnel-shaped muzzle <img src="" alt="" title="" align="left" hspace="6" /><p> By MARJ LAW<br /> <br /> The Dutch called it the Thunder Gun. Some called it the Dragon. But to most of us, we call it the Blunderbuss.<br /> Of all the guns I&rsquo;ve shot, the Blunderbuss carries the most mystique. The funnel-shaped muzzle at the end of its barrel opens up a varied, sometimes romantic and often inaccurate history.<br /> Essentially of carbine length, the Blunderbuss was different from other guns of its time because it spewed out lead shot more like a shotgun of today.<br /> Underwater Wakulla - April 18, 2019 <p> <strong>Red Tide</strong></p> <p> A discoloration of seawater caused by a bloom of toxic plankton (a red dinoflagelates usually called&nbsp; <u>Karenia brevis</u>).&nbsp; But why we have this problem is much more complicated. Red Tide records from the Gulf of Mexico date back to the 1700s, so this is not a new phenomenon.&nbsp; The Spanish explorers mention this condition in the 1500s! While Red Tide is exclusively grown in the Gulf of Mexico similar species populate other oceans</p> Coast Guard Auxliary – April 18, 2019 <img src="" alt="" title="" align="left" hspace="6" /><p> May 18-24 is National Safe Boating Week.&nbsp; While we strive to promote safe boating year round, this is a week for heightened awareness.<br /> Boating is not just about motorboats, it is also kayakzing, canoeing, paddle boarding and other water sports such as kite boarding and wind surfing.<br /> The Safe Boating Campaign indicated that more paddlers are hitting the waterways as temperatures warm up.<br /> FWC Law Enforcement Report – April 18, 2019 <p> From FWC News<br /> <br /> Some of the cases handled by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Law Enforcement during March 8 to March 21.<br /> (There were no cases reported for Wakulla County.)<br /> Underwater Wakulla- April 11, 2019 <p> <strong>Shells</strong><br /> When I was very young, I was an avid shell collector. The art of studying shells, called malacology, and the collection of shells called conchology, dates back to the beginnings of human culture. The patterns found on mollusk shells is seen on tapa cloth of many Polynesian garments. Shells have been found in grave sites that date back many thousands of years. So it is of no surprise that people today are fascinated with these calcareous exoskeletons.<br />